American Idol announces season 7 audition cities
Earlier today, FOX announced its 2007 audition cities for American Idol.  There are some notable omissions, as FOX is attempting to branch out and find some new blood for season seven of the galactic superpower that is American Idol.  For one, neither New York nor Los Angeles are listed as audition sites.  However, Idol will be in cities in close proximity to those former audition stalwarts.  Instead of New York City, auditions will be held in Philadelphia, just a couple hours away.  Similarly, auditions will take place in San Diego, a couple of hours down I-5 from Los Angeles (depending on traffic).

Full audition schedule:

San Diego, CA: Monday, July 30 at Qualcomm Stadium

Dallas, TX: Monday, Aug. 6 at Texas Stadium

Omaha, NE: Friday, Aug. 10 at Qwest Center

Atlanta, GA : Tuesday, Aug. 14 at TBA

Charleston, SC: Saturday, Aug. 18 at North Charleston Coliseum

Miami, FL: Wednesday, Aug. 22 at AmericanAirlines Arena

Philadelphia, PA : Monday, Aug. 27 at Wachovia Center

It's nice to see American Idol hitting up some smaller cities like Omaha and Charleston.  The success Idol has had in the South has been well-documented, and both Atlanta and Charleston could provide some real gems. 

You have to believe that Nigel Lythgoe, Simon Fuller and everyone else with input think long and hard about where they decide to hold tryouts.  How they come to their decisions isn't clear, but they've surely learned from previous seasons the places they should and shouldn't frequent.

Then again, what each of these cities produce in terms of talent is more or less a crapshoot.  The producers can't have any real idea about who will come out to sing for them.  What do you all think?  Are these good audition cities?  Is there anywhere Idol hasn't gone that you think deserves consideration as a tryout city?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Photo courtesy of The Baltimore Sun)