American Idol: And You Thought The Performance Shows Were Bad...
Forgive my language, but what the bleep just happened?

Ashley Rodriguez was eliminated on American Idol. That, I absolutely don't mind. Her performance Tuesday night was unforgivable, for someone pimped so hard.

Joe Muñoz was eliminated, too. I feel a bit bad for it--he did churn out a solid performance Wednesday night--but having zero exposure before this week certainly didn't help him.

Tyler Grady was eliminated, too. Yeowch, Henrik. He was one of my early favorites. He had a very good vibe around him, and his vocals weren't that bad, too. Then again, it seems the rest of you weren't fond with his spot-on imitation of '70s rock stars. So much for me thinking he'll make it at least a few more weeks.

This week was a week of decidedly average performances. There were some good performances--I'm still in love with Lilly Scott's take on "Fixing A Hole"--but everything else was either blah, or absolutely bad. It wasn't particularly exciting, but at least you knew who the bad singers were.

Sometimes it's just a case of the nerves, perhaps the reason for Alex Lambert's uncomfortable number, for Todrick Hall's overdone rework, and for Lacey Brown's bad interpretation of a great song.

But sometimes it's just not a good performance that saves you. Yes, I'm thinking of Tim Urban.

Damn you, worsters. You who kept Tim in because of the entertainment value and perhaps thanks to the unusual circumstances surrounding his inclusion into the Top 24. You kept someone who was clearly undeserving of the Top 24 slot--no, I don't want that other big-haired guy back, but remember, Simon said that they do not regret cutting him in Hollywood. Simon makes sense, America, despite his grumpiness. Do not be swayed by Tim's bangs! They don't even freaking sing!

Janell Wheeler was also eliminated. Now that just defies logic. It's not a bad performance. It's just a bad song choice! And among the girls, the other few who really positioned themselves for elimination were Lacey Brown--sucks to say this, but really--and Haeley Vaughn.

Okay, so those two other girls split opinion--Haeley, especially, with her good arrangement and screeching, lost voice--but Janell did not deserve to go. You've seen her in her first auditions. You've seen her in Hollywood. And yet you kept in someone who may have appeal, but only has that to speak of?

Again, damn you, worsters.

The performances this week weren't spectacular, but the eliminations were. And if we'll end up with the bad performers in the Top 12, then I'm afraid I'll hide in a bunker and listen to my iPod endlessly.

(Image courtesy of Fox)