'American Idol' and the Curse of the Saxophone Lady
'American Idol' and the Curse of the Saxophone Lady
And other tales!

Paul McDonald and Casey Abrams have both recently been eliminated from American Idol. Did they just not receive enough votes, or is there a grander scheme in play? You might have noticed something else about their final performances, the presence of ... saxophone lady!

saxophoneladyisback.jpgOhhhhh my god. Don't look into her eyes, remaining contestants! Jacob, you could be next ...

Jacobisnextcursed.jpgNext week the contestants will sing one modern song and ONE SONG FROM THE '60s! This does not bode well. Now I know you're probably thinking, "But what about Stefano?" Well, maybe you should look at this picture from his final performance more closely:

Okay, that was some stupid fun had at the expense of a talented musician. I'm sorry! But you know she's going to be in those songs from the '60s!

On a less stupid note, have you guys been listening to the studio/iTunes versions of the songs? I mostly haven't, except for this week. I thought I would check them out this week, since Carole King week went so well (oh, but I am not touching those duets. No, sir). It puts things into perspective, though.

The iTunes versions of the songs are a good way to see who sounds like a real artist you might hear on the radio, and who has talent that translates into the studio. This week's studio versions had some surprises.

I thought Jacob's was one of the best -- he sounded the most professional. It also helped that you couldn't see that outfit they put him in. Haley's also sounded good. James's sounded the most like the live performance, and also seems radio-ready. I'm not sure what to think of Lauren's track. She definitely sounds the youngest, which she is, and you can tell they're taking her down the country road. Her duet with Scotty, "Up On the Roof," actually sounds pretty good.

Casey's sounded very cool, but he's more of a musician than a singer, if that makes sense. I liked the recorded version more than the live performance. Scotty's, on the other hand, was just the opposite. The iTunes version takes away everything that was special about the live performance and injects the song with more of that classic country feel. Scotty is twanging all over the place, as the song picks up speed in ways it never did in the live performance.

Are you guys listening to/downloading the iTunes versions of the performances? What do you think of them? Who do you think is the most ready to be in a professional recording studio?

(Images courtesy of FOX)