American Idol - A Look Back at Idol's Final Threes
American Idol fans have cast their votes, and tonight we will know which two contestants will be battling it out for the rights to call themselves the “American Idol.”  Without question, the cutting of the third is one of the most intense moments in a season of American Idol.  As the contest winnows out a season’s worth of pop idol wannabes the bottom three represent the last odd numbered split of a LOT of votes.  If votes equaled album sales, every person in the final three would be a superstar.  This year it is Jordin, Blake, and Melinda rising from what has, arguably, been a lackluster base of contestants.  How do they compare to previous top trios?

Season One’s final three of Justin Guarini, Nikki McKibbin, and Kelly Clarkson was the first, but hardly the least predictable.  Fans had already pegged Nikki McKibbin for ouster, mostly due to Kelly and Justin’s overwhelming white bread appeal.  Rockers had yet to infiltrate the American Idol ranks to any great extent, none-the-less McKibbin represented the less refined, bordering on grunge styling that were cast against type in what had been pigeonholed as a saccharine sweet pop music contest.

Clarkson would ultimately win, put out a predictably popish album reminiscent of the teenybopper cookie cutters of the time, and ironically dump her American Idol contract to find true success with a more hard edged approach.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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