American Idol 8: "We're Just Trying To Be Musicians"
Yes, yes, Kris Allen won the competition.  "No Boundaries" has been rushed to the shelves; runner-up Adam Lambert could be the next vocalist of Queen, and then there's what coming ahead.  Kris, who pulled off an almost-upset (I revise that term now) to win the recently-concluded season of American Idol, now looks forward to establish himself further in the music industry.

"More than anything, to be respected and be in the music business and just sell albums and make great music, that's all I want to do," he told Rolling Stone.  "For me, all the stuff that I did on the show, I feel like were pretty conducive to what I'm going to do on an album, that pop-rock kind of thing."

He's just one of many recent Idol contestants who some may call a new breed: after the show relaxed rules regarding playing instruments on the show's stage, more rock-oriented contestants--Kris and Adam included--have taken the competition by storm.  "I think once they incorporated the instrument kind of thing that a lot of the rock people were going to jump on that bandwagon," he said.  "[I probably wouldn't have joined if instruments weren't allowed] because I probably wouldn't have done well, to be honest with you.  I think for me, the thing that got me the furthest was my ability to play and my ability to arrange songs and all that kind of stuff and make them mine and show that I'm an artist, not just a singer."

And then there's the cultural significance of the contest, especially when it went down the wire, and to the last two finalists.  "Me and Adam talked about it ... and people were talking about I'm getting the Christian vote," Kris said.  "W e're not running for president, we're not running an election here, we're just trying to be musicians and be artists, and I hope that's what people are voting on and people are calling in for, and I know that's not always the case."

But it still rendered him the underdog.  Does he find the need to prove himself?  "I think that hasn't gone through my head," he said.  "Throughout this whole competition, I think people were maybe ... not underestimating me, but just not ... Danny and Adam were frontrunners throughout this whole thing, and they're great, and kudos to them, they deserved it."

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Rolling Stone
(Image courtesy of Fox)