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And the Top 7 return for one more performance night.  American Idol unleashed their first ever Judges' Save last week, keeping Matt Giraud from a one-way ticket home to Michigan.  Two contestants will be executed by faceless American voters tomorrow, and the field is pretty wide open.  If I were the Global Overlord, I would eliminate Lil Rounds from American Idol as my first act (Second act? Free Otter Pops for everyone!).  After Lil (and, just for my sanity, let's assume Lil will be one of the two singers ousted tomorrow), almost anyone could take that second elimination spot.  Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai are the most likely, but a bad performance by Kris Allen or Allison Iraheta could spell doom.

Oh, and it's also Disco Night, the scourge of crusty, poorly-coiffed Englishmen.  I don't mind disco, but it has to be good disco, and oh-holy-crap is there a lot of bad disco.  I can get down to K.C. and The Sunshine on any day of the week, but please don't bring me your Gloria Gaynors or your Abbas (newsflash, earth: Abba sucks).  What I like about American Idol Disco Night is the potential for complete and utter failure.  At least one singer will finish the night looking like a buffoon.  This is reason enough to tune in.  So, with that in mind, please join me for another edition of American Idol Live Thoughts, the only place on the interwebtubes where Paula Abdul is unmercifully glove-slapped by the written word on a minute-by-minute basis. 
Right before the show started, a commercial for Canadian Tourism showed a seal jump into a little raft and accost a family.  Now I'm definitely going to Canada.  Slimy water rats jumping into my shoddy raft?  I'm in. American Idol.  Do you think they'll have the time figured out tonight, or will they run over once again?  Bruce Gowers, figure your crap out. 

Seacrest talks to America while pacing the stage, wearing a silver suit.  The crowd boos when Seacrest says two people will be eliminated tomorrow.  Stupid audience.  Kara is rocking that poofed up, girl faux-hawk thingie.  I'm a fan.  Paula tries to trick America by looking sober.  She doesn't.

Lil Rounds - "I'm Every Woman" by Chaka Khan

Holy crap did they rush into this performance.  The producers have taken the complaints to heart.  I believe I said this was Lil's Worst Case song choice.  And for good reason.  Lil shows off her big voice (again), but the performance is still completely unoriginal and sloppy in parts, showcasing (again) Lil's total lack of subtlety or ability to build a song.  Pretty lame performance, again, and she will be sent home tomorrow night.  Thank goodness.

Randy said it sounded "wild" and not in a good way.  I'm with you, dawg. 

Kara lays the smack down, kind of, and then rambles almost incoherently.  Paula whips out the old "You look great" card.  Paula uses the phrase "...tapping into her inner goddess."  Before Simon says anything, Lil makes it clear she had fun.  Simon tells Lil, straight-up, that Lil will be going home. 

LIL ANGRY!!!! And so is her family - heckling is heard from the crowd.

Let's all hope and pray to our various deities that Simon's harsh critiques don't inspire and Army Of Lilites to vote in huge numbers for their favorite overrated singer.  She needs to get gone.

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