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Even though I'm fundamentally opposed to some aspects of the Top 36 system being employed by American Idol this season, it does make these first few results shows exciting.  While two of last night's singers appear to be locks for the Top 12 (Adam Lambert and the surprising Allison Iraheta), that third spot is a complete toss-up. Think - if American Idol only eliminated two of the performers from last night's batch of singers, it wouldn't feel like enough.  Though that's more of an indictment of the Top 36's mediocrity in its bottom half, I don't mind forcing the viewers to be selective in their voting.  As for the candidates to slip into that third Top 12 spot, you have my choice Megan Corkrey, the sweet-singing Southerner Kris Allen, the annoying Ms. Sassypants Jesse Langseth, clown Nick Mitchell and the over-serious teen Mishavonna Henson.  I'll be rooting for Corkrey, both because I'm a big fan and she's the singer who I predicted would make the Top 12.  I'll be here throughout the hour-long American Idol results show, updating live throughout the proceedings.  Follow along as I endure the pain of excessive filler, try to make sense of Paula Abdul's hallucenigenic ramblings and question the place of manliner in the toolbox of the modern male. 

American Idol 8: Top 36, Second 12 - Performance Rankings
American Idol 8: John vs. Oscar Podcast - Top 36, Second 12

And we're off.  Oh, Seacrest, feeling comfortable tonight, top couple buttons unbuttoned, hamming it up with Nick Mitchell in the opening.  Let's have a good live show tonight, Ryan.  25 million votes were cast last night, up a million from last week.  Hey, there's Alexis, Danny and Michael, perched atop their rightful stools. 

Ryan sets Simon up, asking him about why he's been so great this season.  Silliness.  As sad as it sounds, I really do enjoy the rapport between Ryan and Simon.  I'm typing right now during the first video package of the night, showing the journeys of last night's twelve contestants.  It goes on for a very long time. Crappy pop music plays in the background. 

Hey, it's the Group Song.  They're singing Ne-Yo's “Closer.”  Kai Kalama is a ridiculous cornball.  This is about as white a version of this song as can be sung. Lord, please end these group songs.  They are a thorn in my side, a nail in my brain, a jagged piece of re-bar in my abdomen and icicle lodged in my foot.  This song will not freaking end.  Matt Breitzke looks really out of place, like a someone's dad crashing Senior Prom.  First results, after the break.

RESULTS!!! Let's do it.  But, first - we have to watch the clips from last night's performances.

Nick Mitchell talks to Ryan.  If he doesn't make it through, he says he'll be looking for a job.  Breitzke gives even more attitude to Simon, in a futile manner.  Jesse talks, and she's annoying again.  I don't think I could be her friend.  Jeanine is dressed like a cowgirl. 

Allison Iraheta is the first person brought to the middle of the stage.  Weird - the first person brought to the stage usually doesn't make it.  Jesse Langseth joins Allison.  Matt Breitzke is next on stage.  The two girls wait on the side.  Matt stands next to the girls.  One of these three is going to the Top 12, apparently.  Definitely Allison. 

Allison Iraheta is in the Top 12.

Matt Breitzke and Jesse Langseth have been eliminated.