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The complexities of life cannot be distilled while viewing American Idol.  It is a reflection only of our desire to be entertained, and holds no larger meaning.  American Idol is far too rigged for that.  The producers meddle, the contestants are vetted and the audience, willfully, thankfully, is in on the giant ruse.  Whether you want to admit it or not, American Idol influences the voters in a variety of ways - song choice allowances, performance order, judges' critiques - and that's after they have complete control of who even makes the Top 36. This is not a problem - it's part of the show. 

For someone like me, who doesn't vote anyway, I can only root on who I wish to root on, and then complain fruitlessly about the voters or the judges or the producers.  Over the course of American Idol's Top 36 this season, the influence of the Idol powers that be have been apparent.  Each of the three performance episodes ended with a judges' favorite closing out the night.  Every episode, a singer who gave a bad performance was inflated by the judges, while similar performances were shot dead by those same judges.  Nonetheless, nine more contestants will be subject to the cruel hand of fate tonight, while three lucky ones will be permitted to feel the cool, metallic steel of a Top 12 stool.  I'll be here all night, updating the results live for your reading pleasure.  As always, enjoy yourselves and comment below with your thoughts.  They are as, if not more, valid than mine.

American Idol 8: Top 36, Final 12 - Episode in Review
American Idol 8: Top 36, Final 12 - Performance Rankings
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Let's get it on.  "Who did you choose?" Seacrest says, almost accusingly.  Seacrest is going with the suit, complete with loose tie.

Hello judges.  Paula is either going with a dress that only covers one of her shoulders or she put on her dress wrong before the show.  I'd say it's a toss up.  First, we get a recap of how all of last night's 12 performers made it through to Hollywood and beyond.  It's set to a David Cook song, I think.  It's bad news when your first thought upon hearing a song is "Hey, is this Creed?" 

Last night's Top 12 sing a song by Katy Perry.  Really?  Was there first choice Fergie?  This song is terrible, and they are accommodating Scott MacIntyre's blindness by having the men do seated choreography.  BuddyTV users, answer me this: Do any of you enjoy the group songs?  Does anyone find them anything but excruciating?  I'm rambling right now so I don't have to pay attention to the song. 

And we're back.  Alex Wagner-Trugman looks like the kid in the back of his high school class who really, really doesn't want to be there.  We're watching the recap of last night in order to fill up this hour-long show. 

Ryan talks to the contestants.  We talk to Nathaniel.  He had fun last night - he continues to show man cleavage.  He says that he has a "killer voice."  Jorge Nunez gets big cheers from the ladies in the audience.  He talks about how awesome the talent is in his native Puerto Rico.  He also says that it's freezing in Los Angeles.  Hardy-har.  Felicia Barton was happy with her performance.  This hasn't been said yet - Felicia is quote a looker.  Junot Joyner had an asthma attack during the rehearsals for last night's show. 

First results of the night.  Lil Rounds is asked to stand up. 

Lil Rounds is in the Top 12.

Thank you, American Idol.  Way to rip the band-aid off.  We all knew Lil was going through, and they wasted no time.  Thank you.  Kara says that we can expect “ridiculous vocals” from Lil the rest of the season.  Well, then.  Lil performs again.  She's solid, as always.

Arianna Afsar, Taylor Vaifanua, Alex Wagner-Trugman, Kendall Beard and Scott MacIntyre are told to stand.  Ryan Seacrest informs us that one of these people has made it to the Top 12.'s Scott.  No need to wait until after the commercial.  However, again, Idol is doing what we wanted them to do.  Scott and Lil were the obvious favorites.  Now, there will actually be some suspense in the second half of the show.

Arianna Afsar has been eliminated.

Taylor Vaifanua has been eliminated.

Alex Wagner-Trugman has been eliminated. 

Kendall Beard has been eliminated. 

Scott MacIntyre is in the Top 12.

Nathaniel Marshall and Kristen McNamara are brought to the front of the stage.  Which means that neither of them will be moving on.  Which is unfortunate - Kristen deserves a spot in the Top 12.  She may get that chance in the Wild Card round. 

Nathaniel Marshall and Kristen McNamara have been eliminated.

Next are Von Smith and Felicia Barton.  Seacrest - we know that both are eliminated.  We don't need to drag this one out. 

Von Smith and Felicia Barton have been eliminated.