American Idol 8: Miley Cyrus Will Show Up--And Ryan Half-Ruins This Article
(Before I begin, let me post a disclaimer: the next three paragraphs were written before the results night last night, and was supposed to imply that Paula leaked next week’s American Idol theme.   And then, while watching last night, Ryan Seacrest suddenly blurts out next week’s theme—and this article has gone into disarray.  Well, almost.  In an act of half-defiance, I’ll post the article as is, with this disclaimer in front.  My speculation at the end shouldn’t go to waste.  Okay.   Ready?  Begin.)

Paula Abdul is at it again.  We half-heard from her over the past few days that this week’s theme will be, as we all know already, top downloads from iTunes (or, as some have put it, open mic night).  This time, she’s spilled the beans about American Idol’s theme next week—and I’m actually hoping that it’s better than it sounds.

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American Idol 8: Season in Review - Megan Joy
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Next week’s theme?  “Songs from the year that you were born,” in Paula’s words.

So, considering the ages of the eight remaining contestants, we should expect a smattering of tunes from the 1980s.   (The obvious exception would be Allison Iraheta’s performance, because she’s just sixteen, and I’m hoping she doesn’t go all grunge on us.)   A screamer for Adam Lambert, a ballad for Danny Gokey, and… yeah, perhaps I’m speculating too much here.

During the same interview with Los Angeles radio station KIIS-FM, Paula had this little rant about modesty in the show.   To be exact, there was the issue of Anoop Desai and (sadly, sadly!) recently eliminated Megan Joy being particularly ungraceful when the judges delivered their comments—only because they talked back to the judges.  My thing is, what gives?  Possibly another method to see either of them tossed?  They were hinting that Noopie’s on the way out last night, and then toss Megan out when it became very obvious.  Conspiracy theories are up in the air, Idol fans.

Anyway, there’s news that Miley Cyrus will be performing on American Idol in the coming weeks.  However, it’s going to be pre-taped, much like the performances of former contestant Jennifer Hudson, and last year’s winner David Cook.  (I didn’t know he pre-taped last night’s song, although it’s understandable considering news of him cancelling a couple of concert stops to settle some personal matters.)  No word about when her performance—which was taped after results night yesterday—will air, but it’s likely that it’ll be next week, to tie in with the release of the Hannah Montana film.

So I’m wondering how that ties in with the apparent theme next week.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Los Angeles Times, Access Hollywood
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