American Idol 8: John vs. Oscar Podcast - Top 13 Elimination Predictions
John Kubicek, you will be vanquished this season.  You are the Washington Generals and I am the Harlem Globetrotters.  You are eyes and I am mace.  You are cookies and I am the Cookie Monster.  Our American Idol 8 Elimination Predictions begin in full force today, as the Top 13 will soon become the Top 11.  In our latest edition of the John vs. Oscar Podcast, we talked in length about the Top 13 Performance Episode that aired last night, who impressed us, who didn't, and who we believe will be sent eliminated and sent home to a life of devastating anonymity. 

There is a new wrinkle - you all can now play along with John vs. Oscar.  Our American Idol Fantasy TV League is under way.  Make your predictions for who you believe will be eliminated from American Idol 8 tonight.  Points will be tabulated by us, and automatically updated in the league after every elimination.  So, now, not only can I lose to John, I can lose to everyone else.  I'm an equal-opportunity idiot.  The podcast can be listened to below in mp3 form.  It's good one.  I crush John.

American Idol 8: Top 13 Performance Rankings
American Idol 8: Top 13 Perform - Episode in Review

Here are our picks:

John's Bottom 3 Picks:

Lowest/Eliminated: Michael Sarver
2nd Lowest/Eliminated: Jorge Nunez
3rd Lowest/Safe: Jasmine Murray

Oscar's Bottom 3 Picks:

Lowest/Eliminated: Jorge Nunez
2nd Lowest/Eliminated: Jasmine Murray
3rd Lowest/Safe: Anoop Desai

As John and I discussed, tonight's eliminations are more or less a crapshoot.  There are probably seven contestants with a legitimate chance to be eliminated. When you add in this suspected twist, in which the judges are somehow given more power, it makes it even more of a toss-up. Stay tuned for tonight.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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