American Idol 8: John vs. Oscar Podcast - Top 36, Final 12
BuddyTV's John Kubicek and Oscar Dahl make their predictions for who will make the Top 12 from the final group of 36.

I watched a young man wearing god-knows-what sing Meatloaf.  I watched a tentative teenage girl sing Abba.  I watched a native of Puerto Rican treated like a cartoon character by Paula Abdul (who has experience with cartoon characters, remember), and then cry on national television.  It's been a bizarre season of American Idol so far, with last night's two-hour performance episode no exception.  Thankfully, we are a mere two days away from knowing who the Top 12 will be, at which point the real game can begin.  Until then, it's time for another installment of John vs. Oscar, in which my colleague John “The Body” Kubicek discuss the performances and make our predictions for who will make it into the Top 12 from the last night's group.  Podcasts are the wave of the future, America, so start listening now.  We demand it.  Your American Idol well-being depends on it. 

You can listen to the full mp3 audio of the podcast below. 

Disgustingly, John and I have made the exact same predictions for the second week in a row.  With only three spots available for 12 performers, you'd think pegging the favorites would be more difficult than this.  Wrong.  The sea of mediocrity in which the Top 36 has been wading in makes it simple to identify who the clear contenders are.  There have been so few. 

Oscar and John's Predictions:

Lil Rounds
Scott MacIntyre
Jorge Nunez

We both agree that Lil and Scott are absolute slam dunk, no-brainers for the Top 12.  The judges went out of there way, basically telling America that they'd be damn fools not to vote for them.  Jorge seems the likely third entrant, based on his solid singing and emotional post-song interview.  If it's not Jorge, then the next two possibilities are probably Kristen McNamara and Junot Joyner.  Besides that, no one else has a chance. 

In the podcast , John and I also briefly preview the wild card round, which will commence on Thursday.  However, it won't be much of a round, as the episode is only one-hour long, and therefore the judges will likely have made their three wild card selections before the episode hits the air.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)