American Idol 8: Idol Thoughts - Adam Lambert Dominates, The Judges Kneecap Kris Allen
A new fad in the world of American Idol fandom is to deride the show's director, Bruce Gowers, for his inability to bring in American Idol broadcasts on time.  I tend to agree with all of the hatred spewed towards Gowers, who can't pace a live broadcast to save his life.  Last night's performance episode of American Idol is a prime example – anyone who DVRed the show ended up missing one of the best performances of the season.  Adam Lambert ended the show with a haunting version of Tears for Fears' “Mad World.”  It's downright unacceptable for a show as high-profile as American Idol to go nearly ten minutes overtime, as it did last night.  When was the last time American Idol finished when it was supposed to?  I understand the difficulties of producing an epic live broadcast like American Idol, but that only means that Idol should hire the best production staff available.  Bruce Gowers should probably be fired. 

OK.  What I'm going to discuss now involves the Dial Idol results, so if you don't want to be spoiled, please read no further. 

Kris Allen sits at the bottom of the Dial Idol results.  According to their system, he has the best chance at being eliminated tonight.  Really, America?  Are we this stupid?  I'll forget about Lil Rounds for the time being, if only because I can kind of understand voting for her.  She's the only singer of her kind left in the competition, a big voice.  No one else would be singing any Tina Turner (well, I wouldn't put it past Adam Lambert, but you get my point).  But, how can America still be voting for Scott MacIntyre in any significant way?  The guy has been bad for weeks, and gave perhaps his worst, most uncomfortable performance of the season last night.  If you ever wanted any proof of how much Scott isn't a modern pop artist, his proclamation yesterday that he was bringing out his punk side is more than enough.  He sang a crappy 80's tune by Survivor.  The band who recorded “Eye of the Tiger” is almost the antithesis of punk. 

If I may, a conspiracy theory: The judges have been unfairly critical of Kris Allen this season, I've thought, and never more so than last night.  While it wasn't his best performance, he took a poor song choice and at least made it somewhat enjoyable.  It was no worse than what Danny Gokey did.  And, yet, Gokey was praised and Kris was blasted by the judges.  What if the Idol puppet-masters set up Kris to fail, implored the judges to criticize him, in the hopes that Kris fell to the bottom so the judges could use the Judges' Save tonight?  If Kris is the lowest vote-getter, they have to use the save, don't they?  With Lil, Anoop and Scott sticking around, they would look like jackasses if they didn't.  This would inject some excitement into the season, especially with the prospect of two singers being sent home next week. 

Just a thought.  I can't think of any other reason that the judges would be so harsh to Kris when they let people like Danny skate by, other than blatant favoritism. 


How about Adam Lambert last night?  Not enough can be said about how thoroughly he crushed the other members of the Top 8 last night.  He is light years ahead of everyone else in the singing department, and has shown an incredible ability to arrange songs to fit his personality.  I've listened to his “Mad World” performance a few more times since the show last night, and it's as good as anything I've ever seen on Idol.  I may be biased, because I love that song, but still – just ridiculous.

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