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Greetings, all who watch American Idol.  The sun is disappearing over the horizon, American Idol 8 less that 30 hours from extinction, and we sit awaiting the showdown of Adam Lambert versus Kris Allen.  Adam Lambert was the anointed one from the season's genesis, but Kris Allen, the humble, soft-spoken Arkansan, emerged slowly as the season frolicked along, dispensing with seemingly more weighty contenders like Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud and Allison Iraheta.  It's a small wonder that Kris Allen made it to the finals.  He deserves it, but the judges and producers didn't exactly do the man any favors, doling out lukewarm praise and undeserved criticism on a regular basis. 

Nonetheless, here we stand, the mustache-less reincarnation of Freddie Mercury competing against an ego-less, god-fearing Jack Johnson.  Given the season we've witnessed, it'd be easy to say that Mr. Lambert has it wrapped up.  However, momentum is a key ingredient to the Idol casserole, and Kris Allen has all of it.  Tonight, each man will sing three songs, one chosen by evil executive producer Simon Fuller, one chosen by the singer (from the songs they've already performed this season), and this season's "Coronation" song, or "Winner's Single."  The coronation song (which usually sucks) was co-written by Kara DioGuardi this year, so maybe it'll involve leather jackets and "artistry." 

Man, I shouldn't have eaten all those Swedish Fish and pounded that 64 ounce 7-11 coffee.  I am jacked up and ready to drop live thought bombs all over the internet's grill.  Get ready, America.

A couple of other things before we get started.  We're giving away free tickets to all of the stops on the American Idol Live Tour and, though we've already given some away, most stops are still available.  Find out more here: BuddyTV's American Idol Twitter Tour -- Free Tickets Coming to a City Near You.  Also, earlier today, I published a slideshow ranking every single performance from this season of Idol from worst to best.  It's actually kind of fascinating to flip through.  Check that out here: American Idol 8: The Top 118 Performances of the Season

The show begins by looking back, showing clips of Adam and Kris talking to the camera during their initial auditions.  These dudes have come a long way.  Even back all those months ago, you could see the confidence in Adam Lambert.  He knows how good he is - don't let that modesty fool you. 

Remember - tonight's episode is in the big Nokia Theater.  Probably works to Adam's advantage.  Seacrest slowly walks to the front of the big stage, surveying his league of minions.  "The Acoustic Rocker versus The Glam Rocker" is how Crestie introduces the show.  Randy Jackson looks like he was dressed by Fonzworth Bentley, wearing a crazy busy striped shirt.  Paula went tanning, and looks terribly orange.  Or, maybe she mixed up her prescriptions.  Simon, by god, is wearing a coat.  Way to class it up.

Kris won the coin toss last week, and he chose to go second.  Adam is up first, then.

Seacrest tells America that tomorrow's GRAND BOHEMOTH  FINALE is going to run long, so set your DVRs to record over-time.  The onus is on you now, DVR fiends.  No excuses this year.  Commercial, then Kris.

Olive Garden's commercials never fail to inexplicably piss me off.   

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