American Idol 7: Top 9 Results Show Recap
Even though I didn't correctly predict tonight's eliminated contestant on American Idol, I did guess the bottom three exactly right.  This might not be so noteworthy on some Idol weeks, but my surprise choice for bottom three banishment actually ended up in the bottom three.  I rejoiced, until the final results were read and my ultimate (and only one that really mattered) prediction fell flat.  Nonetheless, tonight's American Idol was relatively painless, as far as results shows go.  Two bottom three entrants were there for the first time, Dolly Parton's old bones performed and Ryan Seacrest took more phone calls from America (does anyone, at all, care about that last part?). 

The ancillary stuff: The Clark Brothers performed, and so did Dolly Parton.  Neither performance was downloadable, but were pleasant enough.  The group song was the Dolly favorite “9 to 5.”  It was OK, better than usual. 

The Bottom Three:

Ramiele Malubay:

Ramiele entered the bottom three for the first time, though the general feeling out there is that this was a long time coming.  Ramiele was very clearly out-classed in this competition, though was exceedingly likable.  Can you really dislike really short, really cute girls?  Not really.  She pouted after finding herself in the bottom three. 

Kristy Lee Cook:

Kristy is a bottom three staple.  It's a wonder that she's continued to survive in the competition after spending so much time on the bottom.  To her credit, she gave her best performance of the season on Tuesday and didn't deserve to go home.

Brooke White

The surprise entrant in the bottom three.  I don't think Brooke fans should really worry, however.  I think this is the same thing that happened to Carly Smithson and Jason Castro.  Her respective fans just got lazy.  They'll wake up and vote for Brook in droves next week.

In the end, Ramiele was eliminated from the competition.  America probably made the correct decision.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)