American Idol 7: Top 8 Girls - Who's Going Home?
Brooke White isn't receiving nearly enough love.  Last night, for the second week in a row, Brooke gave the best female American Idol performance of the night and it wasn't close.  If it wasn't for the buzzsaw that is David Archuleta, Brooke might be the presumptive favorite to win it all.  Remember the lesson learned from Blake Lewis – creativity, ingenuity, and adaptability are incredibly important as the season goes on and on.  Brooke has proved (like David Cook), in two weeks time, that she can take any genre of song and make it her own.  Why am I focusing on Brooke White?  Because she was the only interesting part of an otherwise boring broadcast.  It's not that the ladies were terrible last night, it's that they chose terrible songs. It's hard to predict which ladies are going home tonight after last week's shocking eliminations.  Will this week be more predictable?  For my sake, let's hope so. 

Season to Date:
4 for 8

So, I'm batting .500, which isn't terrible but it isn't great.  To be fair, no one saw the Alexandrea Lushington and Alaina Whitaker eliminations coming.  That's what I'm telling myself, anyways. 

Who Should Go Home?

Kristy Lee Cook

I absolutely hated her version of “Faithfully.”  She butchered Journey while sounding like someone doing a karaoke imitation of a country singer.  Her voice is weak, she has little personality, and she's only on American Idol because she learned how to sing “Amazing Grace” really well.  In my opinion, this was easily the worst performance of last night.  Will it matter?  Will Kristy Lee be saved by the mediocrity of her peers?

Asiah Epperson

The second worst performance of the night goes to Asiah and her second attempt in a row at a big diva song.  She simply does not have the voice to pull these songs off, so why even try?  Asiah clearly has an inflated view of herself and her abilities, and this has resulted in a couple of cringe-inducing performances. 

Who's Going Home

Kady Malloy

Kady was in the bottom three last week and she did nothing to impress voters last night.  I still maintain that the potential is there for Kady, but her song choices have been tragic.  Why the hell did she choose an obscure Queen song last night?  She needed something upbeat and exciting.  However, I wouldn't be surprised if Kady wasn't eliminated tonight – you know there's going to be a shocker at some point during the Results Show. 

Kristy Lee Cook

Asiah Epperson, despite her big song gall, has better pipes and a more appealing persona then the vanilla Kristy Lee Cook.  Kristy has the weakest voice of any female on the show, but more important than that, the votes should come down to this: Kady and Kristy Lee will split the mediocre-cute-blonde-girl-pity vote.  I completely believe in this theory, and I can take it even further: either both Kristy and Kady will be eliminated, or neither will be. 

Oscar's Top 8 Girls Performance Rankings

#1 – Brooke White
#2 – Carly Smithson
#3 – Ramiele Malubay
#4 – Syesha Mercado
#5 – Kady Malloy
#6 – Amanda Overmyer
#7 – Asiah Epperson
#8 – Kristy Lee Cook

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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