American Idol 7: Top 4 Live Results
American Idol has surprised me every week.  I am zero for the season in my elimination predictions and, frankly, it might be kind of fun to keep the streak of futility going.  Tonight's American Idol results show appears to be a foregone conclusion - almost everyone believes that Jason Castro should be, and will be, eliminated.  My prediction is for Jason Castro to go home.  Something has to give - either my streak of futility ends, or American Idol's streak of surprising everyone ends.  David Archuleta and David Cook are 99% for sure safe.  Syesha Mercado seemingly saved herself a spot int he top 3 with two solid, if not spectacular performances.  However, if someone is the victim of a shocking elimination, it will most likely be Syesha.  I'll be here throughout the entire American Idol results show tonight, giving live updates as the results roll in. 

And we're off.  The four singers stand in a creepy diagonal line as Seacrest starts the show - it was like a 1980's music video. 

51 million votes last night, by far the highest of the season.  The top three were all within one million votes of each other. 

Paula, Silly Dress Scale: 8.4

Ramble on, Paula.  You ramble on.

Oh, no.  The Top 4 sings Steely Dan's "Reelin' in the Years."  Archuleta starts late, and during the chorus the Top 4 engage in the cheesiest choreography ever.  It's like a junior high musical out there.  Archie adds a stupid run at the end of a verse just for the hell of it.  Then, thank goodness, a commercial.

We get the extra-super-duper long recap of last night's show.  It's long and time filling.  Like, really long. 

David Archuleta is brought on stage for some results.  Which probably means he's safe.  He says he's happy that he connected with the songs last.  Here's the thing, Davey - you didn't.  David is safe. 

So, there was just a preview for the Sex and the City movie.  Just take a branding iron to my face.  I noticed that the film is Rated R, in part because of graphic nudity.  I wondered what the difference between regular nudity and graphic nudity was, then I realized that any nudity from one of those four old ladies could certainly be considered graphic (zing!). 

We see video of the Top 4 being flown to Vegas to see the Beatles' Love Cirque du Soleil show.  At least we get to hear original Beatles' tunes in the background.  There were a ridiculous amount of people on hand to greet the top 4.  One girl grabbed Jason and kissed him.  Then, the singers get make-overs.  We saw footage of David Cook getting a manicure.  FOX, seriously, cut these results show down to a half hour next year.

David Cook is brought out to center stage for some results.  He is safe.  The Davids, safe as expected.

FOX, you are so evil.  Are you making these Ford commercials so hilariously awful to tempt me to comment on them?  Nice try, but I will not bite.  Nope (stay strong, Oscar). 

Time for phone calls from America.  These questions are typically inane, so unless something good comes up, I'm going to ignore this whole thing. 

Maroon 5 performs.  They're all right.  Adam Levine is always pretty sleazy, but he can sing. 

And there goes Paula again, dancing like my mother at a family wedding after a bottle of champagne.

FIllah, fillah, fillah, fillah yall.  Bo Bice comes out to perform.  He has some long hair.  He's pretty good.

Time for the FINAL RESULTS - will it be Syesha or Jason?


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)