American Idol 7: Top 3 Live Results
David CookDavid ArchuletaSyesha Mercado.  One of these three singers will be sent home on tonight's American Idol.  It probably won't be one of the Davids.  The inevitability of tonight's results show is mildly depressing: it's not that Syesha Mercado is so obviously deserving of a spot in the final two - she's not.  It's that she wasn't given much of a chance in the first place.  On American Idol, almost every contestant has been an afterthought compared to the Davids.  It is unfair, but American Idol is inherently unfair - that's what happens when the people who make the show have a stake in the contestants' future.  I'll be here throughout the results show (presumably so lots of you don't have to be) giving live updates as the action goes down.

Back to You is not hilarious.

It's on, y'all.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is in the house.  So are Michael Johns and Kristy Lee Cook.

Oh, snap.  Paula Abdul is dropping intense cleavage on America tonight.  So is Simon.  Fantasia is going to perform tonight.

The Top 3 perform "Ain't No Stopping Us Now."  It's a disco song, and they do silly choreography.  Why, Idol producers, must you have the silly choreography.  It's not one of the worst group songs, but that's not saying much.

Oh, what the hell is this?  Are you watching the Ford commercial?  Is this real?  Did I accidentally take peyote again?

We get the extended recap of last night's show.  Very extended.

Fantasia hits the stage to sing "Bore Me."  I think that's what Seacrest said the song was called.  Fantasia is rocking bright red.  Fantasia is such a weird singer, but she definitely brings it.  There were, sadly, no Fantasias this season. 

That was an..uh..energetic performance.  I enjoyed it, I must say.

Let's get to some results.

Damn - David Archuleta is summoned on stage first.  Oh, man, they are going to show the video of each contestant going back home.  We see Little David home in Utah.  Lots of white people in Utah. 

David breaks down and cries at one point.  He also says the word "gosh" about 458 times.  Murray City, Utah's mayor has the greatest mustache I've ever seen.  Seriously - eat your heart out Tom Selleck and Rollie Fingers.  What?  Before we get any results, we get another video - this one of Archuleta's journey on Idol.  Weird. 

So, no results on Archuleta - he waits on the couch.  Syesh is brought on stage next.  We look at Syesha's trip back home to Sarasota, Florida.  A crazy woman gives a baby to Syesha.  And, then she cries.  Her father, who struggled with drugs in his life, calls having Syesha home "a natural high."  All righty then. 

Then we look at another Syesha video - her Idol journey.  Man, there's a crapload of filler tonight.

Syesha joins Archuleta on the chairs - no results yet - and David Cook is brought on stage.  We see both of his videos.  But, first, we learn that David Cook originally wasn't going to audition.  He only went to the audition to be his brother's moral support.  Well, that worked out well.  We see Cook cry a little bit too.

We'll get our results after the commercial.

Let's get to our final results, shall we?  Paula rambles about some nonsense, first. 56 million votes.

The Top 2 are...David Archuleta and David Cook.

Syesha Mercado has been eliminated.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)