American Idol 7: Top 24 Elimination Interviews
Four soon to be anonymous singers were eliminated from American Idol last night.  It's a little bit sad to think about those four.  Getting past the thousands of people in the audition period, emerging out of the vast talent pool of the Hollywood and then to crap out after one week in the Top 24 has to be a massive disappointment for these singers.  Then again, just being there has to be a great experience.  Earlier today, FOX held conference call interviews with each of the four eliminated American Idol singers: Garrett Haley, Amy Davis, Joanne Borgella and Colton Berry.  This is a recap of those interviews.

Garrett Haley didn't really get to choose the song he sang.  He chose three songs from a list and, though contestants are usually guaranteed to get one of those, Garrett didn't any of the songs he wanted.  So, the producers basically just threw a different song at him and he had to perform it.  He auditioned on a whim in San Diego while he was on a family vacation.  They had driven from Ohio and had to re-schedule their trip.  Garret talks a little bit about his hair – he's been compared to Leif Garret and Peter Frampton. 

Overall, Garrett is pretty much a sweet, naïve kid.  He's never had a voice lesson in his life.  He wasn't all that offended by Simon's comments about his gauntness.  However, Garrett's family and friends were very upset with Simon's comments. 

Amy Davis admits that she was not surprised that she was voted off.  She sounds pretty sad about it, but she knew that she turned in a poor performance.  She doesn't at all regret her song choice, but saying that it was a technical issue – she was not able to hear herself.  She'd been using in-ear monitors for two years and without them, she was unable to hear herself and thus sang out of tune.  That makes a lot of sense – from what was saw from Amy in Hollywood, the girl has a pretty good voice. She says that the pressure of Idol was the hardest part – she was nervous and anxious.  Amy was not one of the girls who was hit by the flu.  She was healthy.

Amy is very humble.  She says that most importantly, you have to really know who you are as an artist when you're performing.  She became good friends with Amanda Overmyer, who is from the same part of Indiana as she is. 

Even though Joanne Borgella has experience in reality TV, she says that nothing can compare you for what American Idol brings.  She also thinks that part of her downfall might have been that Joanne's voice isn't what you'd expect by looking for.  One usually expects a plus-sized woman to sing neo-soul, while she's more of a pop singer.  Joanne isn't upset at all with being eliminated – she was just happy to be involved in an enterprise like American Idol.  Joanne plans on continuing with her multi-faceted career: singing, acting, and modeling. 

Colton Berry thinks that everyone left on the show is talented and he can't name a favorite at this point.  In regards to Simon's comments last night about Colton finding a regular job and just singing for fun, Colton is upbeat and positive, basically saying that Simon is Simon.  You expect him to say things like that.  Also, he though Simon's comments were a little hypocritical, because he was one of the judges responsible for putting him in the Top 24.  Colton didn't think he felt much pressure – he just went out there and had fun.  He also says that he is really, really close to the other contestants.  Ramiele Malubay was one of his closest Idol friends.  In the future, Colton would like to star in musicals and, of course, appear on Ellen. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)