American Idol 7: Top 20 Elimination Interviews
I think we sometimes forget how stressful and difficult it is to appear on American Idol.  I can't imagine trying to learn a song in a couple days (possibly one you'd never heard before) and then perform it in front of very harsh judges and millions Americans.  For someone like Jason Yeager, who seems like a very good guy, it can't be fun enduring the wrath of Simon Cowell on a national stage.  Today, all four eliminated contestants from last night's American Idol (Alexandrea Lushington, Alaina Whitaker, Jason Yeager, and Robbie Carrico) conducted conference call interviews with the media.
These are the highlights from each interview.

Alexandrea is happy to know the judges are pulling for her and that they said she has a very bright future.  She has nothing negative to say about any of the judges.  She admits that she was very surprised when she was eliminated last night.  She loved every minute of it and she has no regrets.  She doesn't regret her song choice or anything.  She's happy she did her best and that the judges were behind her.  She got along with everyone and had nothing to say about reports of back stage feuding.  Eventually, she'd like to front a band and record a soul/pop type album.  She and David Archuleta became very close (hence his crying last night), and they actually appeared on Star Search together.  Their fathers are friends.

Alaina Whitaker was quite emotional last night, but today she has found some good perspective and she sounds very upbeat.  She was definitely surprised at her elimination last night.  She and Kady were pretty good friends and Kady had been resigned to the fact that she was going home, but Alaina kept telling her to stay positive. Alaina is going to keep singing, definitely.  Since she's a minor, she had to stay with her mom, but all the contestants do spend every second of every day with each other. 

Right after Jason Yeager got off stage he got a call from his son.  He didn't say much, except that he loved his dad.  Jason sounds really down about this whole thing, and he's really disappointed in everything.  He thinks the deck was stacked against him.  I can't stress enough how depressed Yeager sounds.  He thinks he had a lot to offer on the show, but he didn't get the chance to show off what he had.  He says that the criticisms from the judges are hard to take, especially after he'd gotten a lot of unseen praise from Simon during his first audition and during Hollywood.  He was also a finalist on the first Making the Band season. 

Robbie Carrico talks about the question of authenticity.  He says that for the past few years he's been working hard in grungy bars and has paid his dues.  He says that back when he was doing pop music, that was only a job to him.  He's always been a rocker at heart.  His hair is real, contrary to some recent reports on the web.  He was happy with his song choices.  He thought Foreigner would be fun song to do.  He hasn't spoke to Britney Spears in many years, despite the constant reports lately that the two know each other.  Many years ago, they were friends while on tour together.  They went on a date or two, but that was it.  Now, he wants to record an album and see where that takes him.  He was planning on doing Billy Idol's “Rebel Yell” for next week's 80's theme.  In reference to The Beatles, he's sung “Blackbird” before but hadn't yet thought about what song he might sing in Beatles week.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)