American Idol 7: Top 12 Results Show Recap
Cross-promotion is a an important part of modern advertising.  I understand this.  But, for the love of everything that is holy, is it necessary to pimp Horton Hears a Who while The Beatles “A Day in the Life” plays in the background?  Whenever I hear “A Day in the Life” I think of John Lennon and it makes me sad that he's dead.  It shouldn't be used to advertise an animated film.  OK, no more soapbox.  Tonight's American Idol Results Show went about as expected – one of the two or three people who we expected to be eliminated was.  Until that moment, though, we had to endure an awful group song and an OK performance from former American Idol Katharine McPhee

First, here's what we learned tonight: nothing.  No big announcements, no surprises.  Ryan Seacrest took some phone calls from fans across the country, and it was all pretty boring.  Ryan and Simon had some solid bickering.  The group song was a medley of early Beatles hits, and it was cheesy and unnecessary.  But, what more could we expect?  David Archuleta rocked the popped collar tonight, which annoyed me.

A new wrinkle for this year is that, whenever a singer is told they're in the bottom three, they immediately give their (possible) goodbye performance.  So, in order to stretch out these results shows to an hour, we get three contestant performances instead the usual one. 

The bottom three was revealed in three different segment.  The first member of the bottom three was Syesha Mercado.  The second was Kristy Lee Cook.  The third was David Hernandez.  Before the final results were given, Syesha was told she was safe.

In the end, David Hernandez was eliminated from the competition. 

The elimination wasn't all that surprising.  Hernandez wasn't awful, but he was boring and eminently forgettable.  David was well composed after being eliminated, and he seems to think he'll be back in the limelight soon enough.  I'm not so sure.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)