American Idol 7: Kristy Lee Cook Elimination Interview
Kristy Lee Cook embarked on a most interesting path when first taking the American Idol stage a couple months back.  In the beginning, Kristy Lee seemed a less that formidable American Idol contestant, the pretty blonde girl with an OK voice who would be eliminated early in the Top 24.  She didn't particularly impress anybody, constantly found herself in the bottom three, but she was a survivor.  She could not be taken out for good, and then, a couple weeks ago, she started improving and improving, culminating in this week's performance, which was probably her best of the season.  Kristy Lee held an American Idol conference call earlier today to discuss her time on the show. 

Highlights from the interview:

Kristy Lee Cook says it's been tough being in the bottom three so much, but eventually she grew thicker skin and by the last couple weeks she was prepared for it.  She said, though, that last night was tough because nobody knew what the producers were doing with the two groups on either side of the stage.  Both groups thought they were the bottom three group.  Kristy Lee doesn't have much to say about any of the judges' in-fighting during critiques.  She likes the fact she proved Simon wrong by advancing so far, but a lot of this was because Kristy was sick for the first three weeks and, thus, naturally got stronger as the season went along.  She's happy with the song and the performance she went out on.

She admits that she was upset that she left this week, because she thought her performance on Tuesday was her best vocal performance so far.  She never hung on the negatives comments from the judges – usually, she didn't even take the criticisms in while she was on stage.  Kristy Lee is engaged to a guy named Andy and they met at Grant's Pass.  Kristy Lee says that there wasn't much in the way of back stage flirting, because most everyone was spoken for and not single.  She says the only non-single people left are David Cook and David Archuleta

Her fiance proposed to her in the sauna.  I suppose that's all you really need to know.  Her choice to sing “God Bless the USA,” was more of a case of doing a song she really loves and less to do with is being strategic.  She also says that her version of “Eight Days a Week” is something she's proud of and she believes that Simon Cowell influenced America to think that the version sucked.  Kristy, sorry, but that was a terrible performance. Simon had nothing to do with it.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)