American Idol 3/28 - Bookies Give Vote Off Odds
Last week, the odds makers were unanimous with their American Idol predictions: there was no way in the name of bad music that Sanjaya would be voted off.  This week, surprisingly, they have changed their tune putting Sanjaya back in the number one spot for most likely to be shown the door.  Why the sudden turnabout?  Do they think the growing campaign to foil American Idol by voting Sanjaya to the top is losing strength?  Do they know something we don't?  If not Sanjaya, who do they suspect will be the next to be sent home from the American Idol stage?

One possibility, although not noted in the reports from gambling911, is the odd rumor that Chris Sligh may have been asked to step aside following his shout out to anti Idol Dave Della Terza, webmaster of the infamous American Idol menace 'VoteForTheWorst'.   The site has been a target of Idol's lawyers on multiple occasions, so you can beat the heat was on for Chris Sligh backstage last week.  On the level of singing, Sligh didn't exactly come across as a front runner.  As my associate Oscar pointed out in his insightful performance rankings for this week, Sligh was certainly swimming in the bottom of the barrel this week.

If things go as they have, and Sanjaya makes it through with just his Howard Stern and VoteForTheWorst margin, Sligh may be saying good bye.  As unlikely as that may seem, just look at the last three eliminations and ask yourself if any of that seemed anymore likely.

From a betting perspective.  Putting money on Sanjaya isn't going to bring much of a win-fall.  He's at 155% right now which is lie even money and a half.   Phil Stacey is next in line, but he's in double money zone followed himself by Gina Glockson and Haley Scarnato.  Now if my seemingly incredible Chris Sligh prediction were to come true, you'd be rolling in 875% of whatever you lay on the table.  Please note that I do not recommend online betting, nor do I recommend paying too much attention to my predictions.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy Fox)