American Idol 3/12 Results show - Quick Thoughts
You can cut the tension with a knife.  Who will be cut?  Will Sanjaya finally take the walk, or will someone else improbably take the walk?  Maybe one of the two, Haley and Brandon, who committed the idol cardinal sin of forgetting their lyrics,  something the voting populace is usually not very forgivable about.
  • The Twelve take the stage as Ryan gives his recap.  Highlighting the jab about his shoe collection.  Surprisingly Sanjaya keeps his hair do for once.
  • The boys start out a tribute to Diana Ross that is a study in tone deafness.  Thankfully Brandon and Chris save the day.  When they break the boys off into groups of three, Sanjaya gets grouped with Brandon and Chris and I swear you can't hear the boy. Out-powered and out-classed.  The girls are pretty awesome.  Is it possible we could end up with an all female final six?  Probably not, but sheesh... who would be surprised, really?
  • The 'float on' commercial for Ford Mustangs is creepy.  Particularly Sligh's afro.
  • The bottom three are brought to the front.  Brandon Rogers and his short memory are in the bottom.  Phil is in the bottom three, the crowd boos. The last spot won't be announced till after the commercial and it is either the eternally awful Sanjaya or Lyric afflicted Haley.
  • The American Idol Challenge: Who did Simon predict would cell more albums, Kelly, Carrie, or Taylor?  Hmm.... Chris Daughtry isn't on there?  I guess that would be too obvious.
  • Diana Ross comes out and I have a flashback to "The Wiz".  If Michael Jackson is really going to be on this year, please let him dress as the scarecrow.  But seriously,  Diana is bringing it.  As awesome as ever.
  • Another Grueling break before we find out who the bottom three are, and who is going home.
  • Sanjaya rounds out the bottom three.  He immediately seems to be saying good bye to everyone.
  • Phil gets sent back.  It is either Sanjaya or Brandon.
  • 28 Million votes and Sanjaya..... is safe?  He doesn't believe it, I don't believe it, the audience is booing but the sound engineers are burying the ambient mics.  Doesn't matter because you can still hear it.  Oh. My. God.  VoteForTheWorst celebrates.
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- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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