America Has Spoken: Obama's Speech Gets More Viewers than 'Idol' Finale
The American Idol finale, for years, has been the most-watched non-football television event of the year.  The Super Bowl is always the highest-rated piece of TV each year, and is occasionally followed by one or two other NFL playoff games.  Last week, however, this changed.  America, apparently, has come down with a severe case of Obama Fever.  The final night of the Democratic National Convention last Thursday garnered more viewers than the American Idol finale, clocking in with nearly 40 million viewers across the nation.  Thursday night featured the electric acceptance speech from Barack Obama.

The advantage that the Democratic National Convention had over the American Idol finale, of course, is that it was aired on numerous channels, both network and cable, while Idol was only on FOX.  Still, for a political speech, the sheer numbers are incredibly impressive.  For comparison, John Kerry's 2004 speech at the convention only received about 24 million viewers. 

The numbers I find most perplexing are the delineation of viewers among the various channels.  You'd think that one of the networks like ABC or NBC would bring in the most viewers.  In actuality, CNN received more viewers than any other channel, bringing in 8 million for the convention, compared to ABC's 6.6 million, CBS's 4.7 million, FOX News's 4.2 million and MSNBC's 4 million.  I had no idea CNN was the desired place to watch the convention.  Apparently, the general public enjoys their coverage. 

It's a little bit refreshing that American Idol was beaten out by a very important speech.  By the end of this week, we'll also have some good comparisons after seeing what kind of numbers the Republican National Convention churns out.

Oh, and if you've got a fever and the only prescription is more Obama, you will apparently be able to check him out on Bill O'Reilly tomorrow.  Yeah, that should be fun.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: New York Daily News
(Image Courtesy of AP)