10 TV Shows That Need to Trim the Fat
Do you have a New Year's Resolution? Around this time, most people make resolutions to lose weight or go to the gym more, or at least to shave off some "holiday pounds." Sometimes we wish TV shows would make similar resolutions. If they would only trim a little fat, or cut out certain aspects all-together! Here are some shows we wish would trim up a bit.

Dexter: trim the LaGuerta/Batista romance subplot.
At the end of Season 5 they were like, "let's start over," and we were like, "Noooo! Let it die!" Because there was nothing less interesting than their marital problems when killers and vigilantes were on the loose. Make it stop, or at least don't let it take up half of an episode.

The Real Housewives Franchise: cut out The Real Housewives of DC.
Sure, each season has its occasional boring episode, or even less-interesting Housewife, but The Real Housewives of DC were almost too civil. The season would have been painfully dry if not for the insanity of the Salahis, who we all wish would just go away. The solution? Don't bring them back.

The Bachelor: trim half the contestants.
25 or 30 bachelor/ettes is way too many to keep track of at the beginning, and we're so over the red herring crazies who were just thrown in there for drama. Also, please cut Bachelor Pad out entirely.

The Sing-Off: trim Nicole Scherzinger as a judge.
She takes forever to talk, and says nothing but babble. Time to replace!

Dancing With the Stars: trim the endless and repetitive rehearsal footage.
If you only have an hour's worth of show, please show it in an hour rather than stretch it out into two.

Modern Family: Cut out sweets.
Feel-good, family comedies like Modern Family don't need narration to sum up the "lessons" learned in the previous half hour. We get it. The added sweetness is unhealthy for the show.

Fringe: Trim the whole "Massive Dynamic" corporate storyline.
The show has never known what to do with the evil-or-is-it? corporation, and it just distracts from the "real" story of alternate universes now.

The Biggest Loser: Cut the beeping and the flashbacks.
I don't want to know the actual numbers, but if I had to guess I'd say about 25% of the show is fake weights beeping on that darn scale. Just get a scale that works the first time and gets to the point! Also, the show gets very repetitive with flashbacks toward the end. For a show about weight loss, there's a lot of excess here.

Million Dollar Money Drop: Cut to the chase!
I know, Kevin Pollak, the "drops" can be tricky and mysterious, but it's just too stressful to have two of them drop and then wait for the final drop. Just drop it all at once; our hearts can't take it!

American Idol: Cut out half of the audition process/footage.
The auditions go on for like, two months! We're so bored by the time we get to the Top 12. But at least it looks like they've recognized that as they're cutting the semi-finals out of the equation for the upcoming season. Good resolution, Idol!

Which shows would you have trim the fat?

(images courtesy of ABC, FOX, NBC and SHOWTIME)