'American Horror Story' Finale Recap: Like Father, Like Son
'American Horror Story' Finale Recap: Like Father, Like Son
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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This is it. We finally get to see the conclusion to Briarcliff, Sister Jude, Lana Winters and Kit Walker. First, however, we get the pleasure of finding out exactly what happened to Adam Levine's character in Briarcliff. What would season 2 of American Horror Story: Asylum be without Adam Levine?

Hard-Hitting News

Lana Winters has aged more than Briarcliff itself. Lana is doing a sit-down interview with a reporter and television crew. She begins to explain how she went back to Briarcliff to find Sister Jude and expose Briarcliff, but she was too late. Sister Jude was gone.

On a side note, the director once again did a magnificent job making the scene seem real to the point where it's creepy. The look back at Lana's trip into Briarcliff featured old school, documentary-style footage inside the insane asylum. The way the show used "old camera footage" from Briarcliff made the scene that much more effective.

Sister Jude is Free

Kit would visit Sister Jude at Briarcliff and keep her company before getting her out of the insane asylum. Kit helps Sister Jude recover, and while there are rough patches, she ends up making a full recovery.

What a roller-coaster Jessica Lange has had to ride with Sister Jude's character. From evil head nun, to a bad-ass woman looking for the truth, to an insane mental patient, to a weathered old woman teaching Kit's children life lessons. Lange was marvelous as Sister Jude in American Horror Story: Asylum, and I hope she has a prominent role in season three as well.

One on One

In Lana's one-on-one interview she goes through the whole history of how she takes down Briarcliff, Monsignor Timothy's rise to Cardinal and eventual demise (suicide), Kit taking in Sister Jude, and Kit falling ill with pancreatic cancer.

The alien angle is never fully explained, but we know that Kit's children did something to Sister Jude to help her recover. We also know that Kit mysteriously vanishes while gravely ill with cancer. The aliens wanted something to do with Kit and his offspring, but what?

The Final Showdown

During Lana's interview, we see Johnny Thredson (or Morgan as it is explained later) is in her house posing as a television crew member. Once the crew leaves the house Lana doesn't flinch a bit. She pours herself a drink and without even looking over her shoulder, tells Johnny to come out of hiding. It is similar to Bloody Face's final scene before Lana shoots him in the head.

The final moment of American Horror Story: Asylum features Bloody Face's son pointing a gun to Lana's head. Only, Lana takes the gun right out of Johnny's hand and shoots him in the head. The End. There are thousands of scenes in television/movies where a character is shot in the head. It's the story and emotion behind the scene that makes this moment so captivating.

The season finale of American Horror Story: Asylum was not what I expected. That doesn't mean it was disappointing. Some storylines were never fully explained, like the aliens and Dr. Arden's creature experiments. While other storylines ended in sadness, rather than horror.

I'm sure many expected a horror-filled season finale with twists and turns. Those fans may have been disappointed. Instead, "Madness Ends", gave fans an almost tearful goodbye to Sister Jude. In fact, "Sister Jude" is trending on Twitter as I type this, with comments of sadness from fans. What started as a horror story starring a mean-spirited nun, ended with the lessons from a dying old woman to two very special children.

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