Did Dr. Vincent Attempt to Keep Ally Away from the Rally in 'American Horror Story: Cult'?
Did Dr. Vincent Attempt to Keep Ally Away from the Rally in 'American Horror Story: Cult'?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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Many American Horror Story: Cult fans wonder whether Dr. Vincent is involved in the cult. The victims of the murders know all their fears and Kai uses smiley faces to mark his prey, both of which connect to Vincent. In the latest episode it appears that while Vincent may know about the cult, he may not entirely agree with the attack on Ally or even everything the cult is doing. There was a hint that he was attempting to keep Ally away from the rally to keep her safe.

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Dr. Vincent Wanted Ally to Seek Voluntary Treatment

After hearing the truth about the cult from Meadow, Ally turned to Dr. Vincent for help. She wanted Meadow to reveal the truth to Vincent, while she sought help from Sally. Things didn't quite turn out as planned, when Meadow left and Vincent was left still possibly in the dark. He decided it was time for Ally to seek voluntary treatment for her "delusions."

However, as she was leaving his office, there was a look of regret on Vincent's face. He didn't want her to leave and knew that she would head straight to the rally. There was danger waiting for her there, as Kai and Meadow were working together to instill more fear. Kai was also working on Ivy's behalf to make sure Ally could never get custody of Oz.

It is possible that Vincent knew all about Kai's plan or at least suspected something. He may have wanted to keep Ally in his office, so she couldn't fight against Meadow and make herself look like the suspect in the shooting. There was no way of keeping Ally in his office, so he just had to let Kai's plan play out the way intended.

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Does the Good Doctor Regret His Involvement?

There's no denying that Vincent has to have some involvement in the cult. He was the one who created the plan to keep his parents' murder-suicide a secret. To protect his new practice and Winter, he and Kai hid their bodies in a locked room in the house. There is a darkness in him that Kai knows about, but that doesn't mean he ever wanted to be involved in the cult.

Kai could use Vincent's involvement with their parents as ammo to get Vincent to do his bidding. With the threat of turning to the police, Kai could have convinced Vincent to give up all his patients' fears. Vincent may use smiley face badges in his therapist work and Kai just happened to see them.

While Vincent may know about the cult, he doesn't necessarily agree with it. He's just stuck between a rock and a hard place in American Horror Story: Cult. With the way everything is turning out, he will regret his involvement and try to keep as many people safe as possible. Knowing Ally is being targeted for unfair reasons, he will want to protect her as much as possible.

Do you think Dr. Vincent was trying to protect Ally? Is he involuntarily involved in the cult? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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