Denis O'Hare on 'True Blood', 'The Good Wife', and 'American Horror Story'
Denis O'Hare on 'True Blood', 'The Good Wife', and 'American Horror Story'
Lisa Palmer
Lisa Palmer
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Denis O'Hare is one of those actors that has his hand in everything.  I approached him at the FOX All Star Party to talk to him about a couple of my favorite roles of his, including the ruthless Russell Edgington from True Blood and liberal-minded Judge Abernathy from The Good Wife.  Funnily enough, he wasn't even there for either of those shows.  His new series, Ryan Murphy's new anti-Glee, American Horror Story, premieres this fall on FX. 

I first asked O'Hare about what was most important to me:  Any chance of him coming back to True Blood?  O'Hare said, "I'll repeat to you what I've heard Alan Ball say to others.  Russell is not dead.  If they wanted him dead, they would have killed him.  They mention his name so many times in season 4, I still feel like he's alive!"  Okay, so even if Russell is alive, would O'Hare make the time in his already demanding schedule to come back to True Blood?  "In a heartbeat," O'Hare quickly replied.  He loves the show, the cast, everything. 

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So what about The Good Wife?  Will we get to see Judge Abernathy rein in the republicans again in the upcoming season?  O'Hare says, "I'm  dying to get back to that show. They brought me back for two episodes last season and I believe they'll be bringing me back this season as well."  He also told me he watches the show weekly as well, so he's a fan of the show just like us. 

So what about his new show, American Horror Story? Well, he couldn't say much, but described the series as "Amityville Horror meets Twin Peaks meets The Shining."  In other words, not for the faint of heart.  He was even kind enough to go through the pictures on his phone and find a shot of himself in full makeup.  He's got some kind of weird eye thing going on with some major facial scarring.  Creepy, to say the least.  It reminded me of a kinder version of Russell's burning flesh look, which prompted me to ask just how long that makeup job takes.  Turns out it's about 3 and a half hours for Russell and about 3 for his new character Larry, on American Horror Story

All in all Denis O'Hare is thrilled to be a part of all three shows and I personally can't wait to see him try out another character on his latest endeavor, American Horror Story.  It premieres Wednesday, October 5 at 10pm on FX.  Get a reminder with our new App the BuddyTV Guide for iPhone. Set reminders, mark your favorite shows and get great recommendations. Coming soon to Android.

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