Buddy Bites: Kathy Bates Joins 'American Horror Story,' 'Teen Wolf' Casts Young Derek
Buddy Bites: Kathy Bates Joins 'American Horror Story,' 'Teen Wolf' Casts Young Derek
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Buddy Bites is back to give you bite sized news of the week. Two movie stars are heading to television and two existing TV actors are trying out new or revisiting earlier roles. Lets get to it.

First up, Kathy Bates will be joining the third season of American Horror Story according to TVLine. Bates will play the best friend of series mainstay Jessica Lange's character. Eventually, however, she becomes her enemy.

Not much is known about American Horror Story season three, which will again be an entirely new story with new characters. Series co-creator Ryan Murphy, however, has said it will be "more historical in nature" and in a separate TVLine article, warned that "Kathy's never [played] someone this bad." And it was Lange who suggested Murphy look at Bates, who is a fan of the show.

Bates, of course, is no stranger to TV, having come off a two-season run on NBC's Harry's Law. She's also not the only movie star coming to TV, as it was announced Ian Nelson, who played the tribute from District 3 in The Hunger Games, will be guest staring on MTV's Teen Wolf as a young Derek Hale--currently played by Tyler Hoechlin. 

The flashback episode will be the eighth of the third season and, according to E Online, we'll see Derek at 15 years old when he was popular and charming, as well as a star athlete. Teen Wolf kicks off its third season in June.

In other news, Rhys Corio, who was recently a regular on CBS' A Gifted Man, will guest star in an episode of Showtime's Dexter, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He'll play a bail jumper that Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is tracking, but no word if Dexter (Michael C. Hall) also has his eyes on him as well. But given that he'll only be in one episode, it's not looking too good for him. Dexter kicks off season eight (no word if it is the final) on Sunday, June 29.

Finally, it was announced by TVLine that Jayma Mays of Glee is returning to How I Met Your Mother, playing a character she hasn't played since the first season. She'll return in the March 18 episode as the coat check girl that Ted flirted with in a nightclub. She is not, however, his future wife.

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