'American Horror Story' Premiere Recap: Don't Honeymoon at Insane Asylums
'American Horror Story' Premiere Recap: Don't Honeymoon at Insane Asylums
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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American Horror Story: Asylum really is horrifying. Any show featuring Adam Levine is sure to frighten its viewers. In the casting director's defense, Levine's character (Leo) probably isn't that much of a stretch for the Maroon 5 singer. Leo has his pants off twice in the first scene alone. Not only does Leo nearly have sex with his new wife in the first scene, but he also receives a sexual act as his arm is ripped off. Welcome to Briarcliff Adam Levine.

The newlywed's honeymoon is the current day horror at Briarcliff, while viewers get a look at what horror occurred in 1964 at the insane asylum. The show's look into the past helps viewers understand the terror unfolding in present day.

UFO's Took Her

Kit Walker (Evan Peters) is back in a completely different role. It's only the second scene and viewers are already on the second love scene of the show.  Unfortunately for Kit, his fate isn't much better than Leo's. After making love to his wife his house gets ransacked by what could only seem like an attack by aliens. I'm guessing no one is going to believe his story that aliens took his wife. If sex and horror is what you like, American Horror Story: Asylum is right up your alley.

Journalistic Integrity

Reporter Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) for some ungodly reason wants to do a story on an insane asylum. When you're greeted by a terrifying looking mental patient who drowned a baby and sliced its ears off you may want to turn around and go home. The dumb victim is, however, a constant in every good horror story.

If it were me the murderous mental patient would be enough to have me turning around. Not Lana Winters. She is so determined to find a story she locks herself in one of the cells. Apparently journalists were as dumb in 1964 as they are now. Reporting from behind bars at Briarcliff is Lana Winters.

Bloody Face Revealed?

The mystery of this season is: who is Bloody Face? Despite poor Kit Walker already getting the blame we all know it won't be that easy. It seems this season's mystery will be the main story, but the main attraction is the sex and horror. Will there be more hookups or murders?

Keeping Secrets

Every character seems to be hiding something. The theme this season is sex, love, and secrets. Lana is in a lesbian relationship with a teacher. Unfortunately in 1964, a lesbian relationship is not looked highly upon. The secrets these characters hold will surely come back to haunt them at some point this season.

Doctor's Orders

It's clear that Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), the head nun at Briarcliff, and Dr. Arthur Arden don't see eye-to-eye. However, neither is a likeable character. Viewers have to watch these two evil characters battle it out, while also picking sides. This offers an entertaining dynamic for fans.

Flash Back

The back and forth from 1964 to the present day horror experienced by the newlywed's gives viewers two different angles to enjoy. The first episode of American Horror Story: Asylum ends in especially horrific fashion while also leaving viewers with a cliffhanger for next week's episode. I'm not one to get caught up in nightmares, but I think I may have one after seeing Bloody Face up close and personal. Maybe the real cliffhanger is whether or not Adam Levine will survive Briarcliff. 

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