'American Horror Story' Recap: Exorcising the Briarcliff Demons
'American Horror Story' Recap: Exorcising the Briarcliff Demons
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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It doesn't take long for the horror to begin. Bloody Face is doing his best Jason Voorhees impersonation with his slow and methodical walk after Teresa. Unfortunately for Adam Levine fans, Levine's character Leo made it about a minute into the second episode before Bloody Face killed him. For the 55% of you who voted that Leo would die in the second episode, give yourselves a pat on the back.

Leo's wife, Teresa, was able to escape Bloody Face for the time being, but the same can't be said for Lana Winters girlfriend Wendy. So far the goriest parts of American Horror Story have been first two minutes before the opening credits roll.

Hit Me With Your Best Shock

Sister Jude is one bad woman. It seems she is hell bent on making sure Lana Winters doesn't get out of Briarcliff. We see the first tag team move from Sister Jude and Dr. Arden. The good doctor is awfully happy to give Winters some electroshock therapy at the request of Sister Jude. Just when you though Sister Jude and Dr. Arden would be butting heads, they find something they can agree on.

Doctor Knows Best

At least there is someone at Briarcliff who isn't completely insane. Thank goodness for Dr. Oliver Thredson. The psychiatrist shows up and immediately butts heads with Sister Jude. Although Dr. Thredson seems to have good intentions he is greatly outnumbered. It doesn't take long for Dr. Thredson to notice the outdated practices by Sister Jude. Looks like Sister Jude is going to have her hands full with Dr. Thredson.

Mittens Have Another Purpose

American Horror Story
is outdoing itself this season. Shouldn't this show be on Showtime or HBO? I'm not complaining, just amazed at how FX is allowing its shows to push the envelope. A perfect example is Chloe Sevigny's Nymphomaniac character Shelley. To say Shelley needs some love making would be an understatement. According to Shelley her mother made her wear mittens as a child because she couldn't contain herself. I'll let you figure it out. Are there any ideas that FX shot down for being too violent or sexual? What could possibly be off limits?

Best Exorcism Ever

I have never been a fan of exorcism scenes, but American Horror Story's exorcism scene was simply brilliant. Between the horror of the possessed boy's face and the hilarity of the commentary, the exorcism scene will go down as one of the best ever.

Bloody Face Revealed?

I was expecting to learn about Sister Jude in this episode, but it is Dr. Arden viewers learn the most about. I had my suspicions of Dr. Arden when he is at the dinner table with the prostitute. The creepy way about him along with the meat and wine for dinner makes Dr. Arden a prime suspect. Then the prostitute finds pictures of ravaged faces and women tied up in Dr. Arden's room. Clearly Dr. Arden has a sick fascination with the human body.

Is Dr. Arden Bloody Face or maybe he already knows who Bloody Face is? Has Bloody Face survived all these years to terrorize the newlywed's or does that alien attack on Kit's wife have something to do with Bloody Face? The insanity! There are plenty of twists and turns left, Dr. Arden's creepy behavior is just the beginning.

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