'American Horror Story: Asylum' Recap: An Unholy Death
'American Horror Story: Asylum' Recap: An Unholy Death
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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What better way to start off 2013, then with evil nuns, extraterrestrial lifeforms, creatures and insane murderers. What does the new year hold for Briarcliff?

Dr. Arden may have finally met his match. Pepper, quite possibly the creepiest-looking of Briarcliff's inmates is back and taking charge. She has been sent back by "them" to protect Grace and her baby. Something tells me this pregnancy will be even more anticipated than Kimye's.

Briarcliff is Hiring

Dr. Thredson aka Bloody Face is back at Briarcliff. He is now a full-time employee thanks to Sister Mary Eunice. Apparently, Briarcliff does not do background checks.

Dr. Thredson is now in a game against Kit and Lana. They have the recording of Thredson admitting to the murders and Lana is carrying Thredson's child, giving them the upper hand. However, Thredson is clearly still in a position of power as their doctor in Briarcliff. It will be interesting to see who is able to outsmart who.

True Evil

American Horror Story:Asylum is full of evil characters. However, one is standing above the rest. Sister Mary Eunice was described as a naive young nun full of purity. This was until she became possessed and started running Briarcliff. Lily Rabe has done a fantastic job portraying Sister Mary and the evil that has possessed her.

She not only has put Dr. Arden in his place, but is technically Bloody Face's boss now. In "The Name Game" Sister Mary even goes as far as to take Monsignor Timothy's purity. What else can season 2 of American Horror Story do?

Experiment Over

Dr. Arden witnesses Sister Mary on top of Monsignor Timothy and reacts like a child. I get that Dr. Arden likes Sister Mary, but come on. The guy is supposedly a Nazi and he ends up crying like a kid who doesn't get any ice cream. Dr. Arden then shoots and kills all his creature experiments and nearly shoots himself.

The Monsignor Did It

Monsignor Timothy does what others were unable to do. He kills Sister Mary and the evil inside her. I am a bit surprised at how anti-climatic Sister Mary's death turned out to be. She seemed to be the greatest evil in Briarcliff and just like that she's dead. American Horror Story: Asylum ends up killing two birds with one stone. Dr. Arden takes his own life and goes into the furnace with Sister Mary's body.

With the murder of the creatures, Sister Mary and Dr. Arden, is it just me or does it seem like the writers ran out of episodes and needed to find a quick way to wrap up some storylines?

Will the focus now be solely on Bloody Face and the aliens? There are just a few more episodes to find out. You can add American Horror Story: Asylum to your very own watch list. Download the BuddyTV Guide for free for your phone before it's too late!

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