'American Horror Story' Recap: Monster Baby
'American Horror Story' Recap: Monster Baby
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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In episode nine, "The Coat Hanger", viewers finally get to meet the character played by Dylan McDermott. For a a few brief moments we are met by John Morgan, a man trying to overcome compulsions. There is one, small problem: Morgan's compulsions involve skinning women.

In the opening scene viewers learn that Dylan McDermott's character is actually the son of Dr. Thredson. He isn't a doctor like his father, just a mentally-deranged killer. He is the son of Bloody Face.

Murder Child

Lana is pregnant and it's with Dr. Thredson's baby. Dr. Thredson now has a son, and/or brother, depending on how he wants to look at it.

I thought there would be a more complex reason the current day Bloody Face is who he is. However, like a number of story lines in American Horror Story: Asylum, the answer isn't as complicated as it seems.

This is not a knock on the writing, but in the beginning of season 2 of American Horror Story, there were endless possibilities. Aliens, creatures, multiple Bloody Faces and the devil. These are all still in play, but as we find out that the current day Bloody Face is just the son of Bloody Face, it almost seems like an answer we should of saw coming.

Santa's Alive

Santa is a remarkably good liar. I assumed Santa was killed by Sister Jude. Unfortunately for Sister Jude, Santa survived and he gives police a remarkably well put-together story about Sister Jude trying to kill him and killing Frank, the Briarcliff security guard.

Dr. Arden, Sister Mary Eunice and insane Santa all told the police that Sister Jude lost her mind and went on a killing spree. Now Sister Jude finds herself as an inmate at Briarcliff for the rest of her life. Did Sister Jude have this coming after the way she treated patients at Briarcliff? I can't help but feel sorry for Sister Jude as she represents an aspect of good compared to Dr. Arden and Sister Mary Eunice.

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Baby Bloody Face

Lana uses her "monster baby" to get Dr. Thredson to admit to killing and skinning women. The entire time, Kit is recording Thredson's admission of guilt.

Before getting Thredson to admit to the murders, Lana pulled out a coat hanger. I questioned whether American Horror Story: Asylum would take it to this level. Well they did. It turns out Lana used the coat hanger on herself before talking with Thredson. We find out later that Lana was unsuccessful in her attempt to abort the baby.

Son of Bloody Face Strikes

Well apparently hypnotherapy didn't work for the son of Bloody Face. He could have at least given it a few sessions before murdering the therapist.

With just a few episodes left in season 2 (next episode is January 2), the question remains as to how Briarcliff will end. There is also the question of how the son of Bloody Face comes to justice, if at all.

There's also the suggested alien storyline, that up until episode nine, was only briefly touched upon. Now, Dr. Arden has his sights set on figuring out what extraterrestrial life form keeps showing up at Briarcliff. So we have possible aliens, the son of Bloody Face, the devil and don't forget those creatures Dr. Arden experimented on.

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In the next few episodes, American Horror Story: Asylum has a lot of explaining to do. Add American Horror Story to your very own watch list before season 2 ends. Download the BuddyTV guide for free on your phone.

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