'American Horror Story' Recap: Bloody Face Has Mommy Issues
'American Horror Story' Recap: Bloody Face Has Mommy Issues
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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Now that we know who Bloody Face is we can see the true madness behind the mask. Despite Bloody Face's identity being revealed, there are still plenty of questions for viewers to find out in season two of American Horror Story. How did Dr. Thredson become Bloody Face? Who are the current day Bloody Faces? Why did the newlywed's have to be murdered? Maybe we will finally get these answers in "The Origins of Monstrosity."

Viewers are finally brought back to the current day Briarcliff. The police get a call about three imposter Bloody Faces, who the police find hanging dead from the ceilings of current day Briarcliff. The Bloody Face mystery continues.

Mommy Issues

We find just what sick, twisted reasons are behind Dr. Thredson's Bloody Face murders. He misses his mother. Dr. Thredson lost his mother when she was just in her early 30s. It was then he studied pyschology to better understand why he feels the need to murder women and wear their skin. Is that a specific medical condition?

Dr. Thredson has since been murdering women in their early 30s and getting off on the feel and smell of their skin. This is why he chose Lana Winters. She apparently reminds him of his mom. The question is, will Lana be able to play Dr. Thredson's mom long enough to escape?

History Explained

In "The Origins of Monstrosity" we learn the history of a number of characters. Maybe the most interesting is the history behind Monsignor Howard and Dr. Arden. The Monsignor isn't entirely evil after all. Dr. Arden, on the other hand, is still very evil.

When Monsignor Howard bought Briarcliff he thought Dr. Arden could help people with his medical experiments. Instead, the Monsignor saw firsthand in Shelley what is happening to Dr. Arden's patients. Something tells me Dr. Arden's medical degree wouldn't hold up nowadays.

Bloody Face Gets Weird

Of course Dr. Thredson is insane, but I thought he would be more deliberate and thought out than he acts with Lana. Dr. Thredson came into Briarcliff, fooled everyone into thinking he was the good guy doctor and thought up a plan to pin the murders on Kit, while escaping Lana out of the insane asylum. This is a fairly elaborate plan by a what seems like an evil mastermind. This is until you get him around Lana and Dr. Thredson starts to come unraveled.

I can't decide if Dr. Thredson is an evil mastermind who is insane or just a plain old crazy guy with a pimped out basement. There are times when it seems like his actions are thought out and other times when he starts crying and believing Lana is his mother.

Current Day Bloody Face

Viewers are given a lot of answers as to the background of the main characters in American Horror Story: Asylum. One thing that still has not been explained is the current day Bloody Faces. Could it be Dr. Thredson or is it a copycat? Why were the copycat Bloody Faces murdering the newlywed's? Are there really this many insane people?

So many questions still left unanswered. Episode six has been the most revealing of season two and by far the best episode so far. With so many characters with complex histories, the deeper explanation of their characters was overdue. Now that viewers have a better idea of where these characters have come from, the story becomes that much more intriguing.

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