'American Horror Story' Recap: The Doctor Is in the House
'American Horror Story' Recap: The Doctor Is in the House
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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Why after such an impressive display on the part of Anne Frank would she allow her guard down so easily? My one pet peeve with horror films and shows is the stupidity shown on the part of the characters. Anne Frank lets her guard down and as a result Dr. Arden escapes. Even worse, Anne Frank isn't really Anne Frank (her real name is Charlotte). Go figure.

Anne's husband pays a visit to Briarcliff to recliam his wife. He claims she started going crazy after seeing a play about Anne Frank. Something tells me this won't be the last we hear about Dr. Arden being a Nazi. Sit tight everyone, American Horror Story: Asylum is about to get interesting.

A Simple Procedure

Kit is saved by Sister Jude's sudden change of heart. Thank goodness because these old school medical procedures are really getting out of hand. I can only imagine what the scene would be like if Kit was getting his you-know-what chopped off. Unfortunately for Grace, she isn't so lucky. 

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Dr. Arden Returns

A Nazi or the devil himself? I'm not so sure about Dr. Arden. Either way, he is a bad dude. Luckily for him Sister Mary Eunice, who also may be the devil, is helping cover up his experiments. When Sister Jude goes to take a look at Dr. Arden's lab, Shelley and all evidence of the doctor's experiments are gone.

I'm not sure how Shelley managed to show up outside a school, but boy did she put a scare into some school children.

A Not So Daring Escape

It seems Dr. Thredson is a man of his word. Not only does he show up to help Lana Winters escape, but his plan of just walking out the front door works. Besides the terrible doctors, Briarcliff also has the worst security. Who is hiring these people?

I find Dr. Thredson's character to be the most fascinating. While the evils of every other character have already presented themselves, I'm still waiting to see what is behind Dr. Thredson's good guy character.

Anne Frank Needs Help

How is it I am believing the woman who says she is Anne Frank? Dr. Arden finally gets his revenge on Charlotte and performs a lobotomy while her husband watches.

Dr. Arden's work in "I Am Anne Frank (Part 2)" is much improved from previous episodes. Instead of turning Charlotte into one of his creatures, his lobotomy works perfectly. Charlotte is home the next day playing the part of housewife. All the crazy is gone and there isn't even a scar to show for it.

Say Goodbye to the Sister

The best part of American Horror Story: Asylum is the blurried line between good and evil. Every character has their evil side, but with Sister Jude there was a good side that was starting to come through. Unfortunately it looks like her time in Briarcliff ends before she could help those that need her the most.

Bloody Face Reveals Himself

For those of you who have read to this point, I don't want to give away the big reveal. If you haven't caught up yet on season two of American Horror Story: Asylum then please don't read the next few paragraphs.

Remember a few paragraphs above where I was wondering when we would see behind Dr. Thredson's good guy character? Well it didn't take long. Dr. Thredson takes Lana back to his house and Lana almost immediately notices his strange lamp shades and skull bowl. Yup, that should be enough to sound off the alarms.

After Dr. Thredson dumps Lana into his basement, Lana finds her lover Wendy frozen. It's then viewers see Dr. Thredson put on his Bloody Face mask. Maybe it has been too long since I have watched a horror film, but I was actually surprised Dr. Thredson revealed himself to be Bloody Face. Am I the only one?

I figured there was something up with Dr. Thredson's good guy act, but I didn't see him being Bloody Face. This still doesn't answer the question of what's going on with the current day Blood Face's, but this reveal will have to do for now.

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