'American Horror Story' Recap: Don't Mess with Anne Frank
'American Horror Story' Recap: Don't Mess with Anne Frank
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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As the horror continues, so do the angles to each character's story in American Horror Story: Asylum. Dr. Arden is like a mad scientist.This guy's character continues to grow. Out of all the characters in American Horror Story: Asylum, I feel like Dr. Arden eclipses all of them in the evil department. Anyone who has been watching season two knows that this is saying something.

It appears that Anne Frank has joined Briarcliff and just in time. Frank is accusing Dr. Arden of being a Nazi war criminal. This guy's resume just keeps getting worse and worse. I have to say, when the crazy woman in the insane asylum who is claiming to be Anne Frank is more trustworthy than the doctor treating her, there is a big problem.

Dr. Arden or Two Face?

According to Anne Frank, Dr. Arden was a Nazi soldier who portrayed himself as a kind man. At first, he seemed to be helping the people in the camps. This of course is not Dr. Arden.

Instead Dr. Arden would flip a coin to pick which poor woman would become his next victim. This scene reminds me of Tommy Lee Jones as the villain Two Face in Batman Forever. It seems Dr. Arden was himself two faced.

Cutting Edge Therapy

Dr. Thredson has been portrayed as good character who is revolted by the techniques used at Briarcliff. Dr. Thredson is telling Lana that he can get her out of Briarcliff if she lets him treat her.

I understand it's 1964, but it's hard to see Dr. Thredson as the good guy when he is trying to convert Lana straight buy making her sick as she looks at pictures of women. I'm also having my doubts as to the true intentions of Dr. Thredson, as he seems to be a bit too eager to try these psychiatric techniques. Then again, he did say they were used at Harvard.

Dr. Arden's Accomplice

Up until "I Am Anne Frank (Part 1)", Monsignor Howard's character has been relatively simple. This hasn't changed except for one big reveal.

After Sister Jude approached the Monsignor in an attempt to figure out if Dr. Arden is a war criminal, Monsignor Howard dismisses it immediately. It's then we see the Monsignor is aligned with Dr. Arden. Monsignor Howard gives Dr. Arden a call telling him to get his act together and quit creeping out prostitutes.

Anne Frank Kicks Ass

It's about time someone in Briarcliff started fighting back! I don't care if it's the real Anne Frank or just some wacko who thinks she is Anne Frank, she is stepping up her game.

Just when it looks like Dr. Arden has his next victim, Anne Frank pulls a gun on the old man and shoots him the leg. I have to admit I was worried this would end with the typical distraction allowing the bad guy to get his gun back. Not this time.

After putting a bullet in the old man's leg, Frank opens up a door revealing poor Shelley, who is really messed up.

"I am Anne Frank (Part 1)" ends with a zombie-looking Shelley asking to be killed, Anne Frank with a loaded gun, and Dr. Arden shot in the leg. Could American Horror Story: Asylum get any more awesome?

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