'American Horror Story' Recap: Kit, Alma, Grace Form Three's Company
'American Horror Story' Recap: Kit, Alma, Grace Form Three's Company
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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American Horror Story: Asylum seems to have its own version of Three's Company going on. Season two has transformed from a horror story that is ahead of its time to a '70s sitcom.

"Continuum" starts off in Kit's new home with his two wives, Grace and Alma. Just the three of them living happily ever after with their two children. Kit really went from zero to sixty. He goes from being a patient in an insane asylum with no escape, to living with two beautiful women. This seems to be a happy ending for Kit. However, this wouldn't be a horror story if it had a happy ending.

Trouble in Paradise

Just as American Horror Story begins painting a happy picture for Kit and his new life, problems begin. The opening scene depicts a bloody Kit holding an ax and standing over a body. I'm guessing this is more than just a nightmare.

Alma is growing frustrated with Grace's love of their alien friends. Grace keeps drawing pictures of her alien saviors, while Alma doesn't share the same feelings. Oh, I would have to imagine there is some sexual tension as well seeing as there are two women trying to have a relationship with one man.

Two is Company

And then there were two. Alma out of nowhere goes crazy and kills Grace with an ax. Just like that Grace is dead. We are brought back to the opening scene with Kit holding the ax in his hand standing above Grace's dead body. I guess it wasn't a nightmare.

The Angel of Death Returns

Monsignor Timothy tells Sister Jude he is going to let her out of Briarcliff, but for some reason he can't just open the front door and let her out. In the meantime, the Angel of Death has returned to Briarcliff without her wings.

The Angel of Death is admitted to Briarcliff, but she isn't an angel. She is a badass old woman who immediately takes over as the top inmate in Briarcliff. As much as I like the Angel of Death character, there is something hard to believe about a 70-year-old woman bullying other grown human beings around.

Lana Sells Out

Lana Winters achieves her dreams and becomes a best selling novelist telling the world her story about Briarcliff. However, instead of bringing down Briarcliff, Lana sold the rights of her story to Hollywood and has become an arrogant, self absorbed big shot who craps on her assistant.

A Not So Happy Ending

Kit gives Lana a visit at her book signing and plea's with her to complete her mission of taking down Briarcliff. Kit explains to Lana that Sister Jude is still alive and at Briarcliff. Unfortunately, Kit had to go back to Briarcliff to identify Alma's body after her heart stopped and she died at Briarcliff. Does this mean there will never be an explanation to the alien encounters?

I will be disappointed if the show leaves viewers hanging as to a reason for the alien encounters, but since Grace and Alma are both dead, my guess is there will be no explanation.

Finally, we get the season finale of American Horror Story: Asylum next week! We will get to see what happens to Bloody Face's son, Sister Jude, Lana, and Kit. How do you see the finale ending and do you see the show giving viewers one last big plot twist?

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