'American Horror Story: Coven' Recap: Building the Mystery in the Bayou
'American Horror Story: Coven' Recap: Building the Mystery in the Bayou
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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Focusing on the fallout of the character's actions in the premiere, a few familiar faces return in this episode of American Horror Story: Coven that we never expected to see again.

Misty's Back for More

The second episode of the third season of American Horror Story starts in a swamp, where two men hunt and kill an alligator. After they've hung the creature from a tree, Misty Day, the girl who was seemingly burned at the stake according to the tale told to the girls in the last episode, wanders onto the site. She denounces their actions, and the alligator comes back to life thanks to her powers, attacking the two men as the opening credits air.

Secrets and Scandals

Cordelia goes around to the girl's rooms and calls them to a morning gathering. Madison and Zoe, roommates, discuss the bus crash further, and Zoe believes that Kyle wouldn't have raped Madison with his frat brothers if he had had the chance. Madison disagrees, but apologizes for killing Zoe's potential boy toy. 

In another room, Fiona turns Cordelia away at her door before turning and addressing Madame LaLaurie, who she has tied up and gagged in her room. Fiona un-gags her and questions her about how she is still alive, as her quest for youth continues.

At the morning gathering, Queenie recounts the reason why she ended up at the academy: while working at a fast food restaurant, a customer made her mad, so she stuck her arm in the hot oil, which, thanks to her powers, actually severely burned his arm. Cordelia read about the incident in the paper and found her. Queenie claims she didn't even know there were black witches before, but now knows about Tituba from the Salem trials, which proves to be important later.

Zoe Tells All

Two detectives show up looking to speak with Zoe and Madison. In another room, they question the girls about the bus crash while Cordelia looks on. The detectives know Zoe visited one of the survivors in the hospital just before he died, and about the mysterious death of her boyfriend in a similar manner, so she panics and tells them about Madison's gang rape and that they are all witches. 

Just then, Fiona walks in. The detectives want to take the girls in for questioning, but she forces them to take drinks that she offers them and to turn over all information about the girls, in addition to never talking about the incident again. After, she scolds Zoe for being soft and says that all of them, even their "weakest," are still better than those without magic. She tells them that with their abilities, the only thing that they should fear is her.

Life and Death

Zoe and Madison break into the morgue that contains Kyle's body, and Madison reveals to Zoe that she wants to repay her by bringing Kyle back from the dead with a spell. She wants to use the best, usable body parts from all the bodies present and build the perfect boyfriend. 

Elsewhere, Cordelia and her husband visit a fertility doctor who they've been working with for a long time. He tells them they should consider in vitro, but her husband thinks Cordelia should use magic. She is reluctant to "play God" with that sort of dark magic.

Speaking of dark magic, Fiona goes to bring LaLaurie food, and we learn that she has been buried for 180 years. She asks LaLaurie who gave her immortality, and LaLaurie tells her about the potion Marie Laveau gave her. In a flashback, we see that she passed out when she drank it, only to wake up to Marie bringing her outside to find an angry mob, and her family hanging, dead, all in a line. Marie tells her that she has cursed her with immortality so that she will suffer for all eternity, before the mob drags her into her coffin. 

Back in the present, the girls stitch the new Kyle together with various body parts before performing a ritual, which seems to include calling upon the devil for assistance. It doesn't work, and Madison goes outside while Zoe stays in to talk to Kyle's body. While speaking with him, Zoe kisses him. A car pulls up outside, and Madison leaves while the man inside goes into the morgue. He finds the body and turns to see Zoe hiding, and behind him, the body becomes animated, and he beats the man. 

Fiona Finds Marie

In the Ninth Ward, Fiona finds Marie Laveau working in a hair salon, while back at the academy, Nan gets frustrated by what she says is "too much noise," and she releases Madame LaLaurie from Fiona's room as she isn't there. She then hits Queenie over the head with a candlestick and leaves the house. 

All the while, Fiona and Marie are talking while Marie does Fiona's hair, and it appears they are sizing each other up: they both know what the other is capable of, and Marie mentions her own connections to the aforementioned Tituba. Fiona is not impressed, but she does want to know Marie's secret to staying young forever. But Marie won't tell! 

Eventually, Fiona leaves, with no further knowledge gained towards her goal. I think Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett are both stellar in their roles and interactions, and I can't wait to see more this season!

Rituals, Reproduction and Resurgence, Oh My!

Cordelia has given in to her husband's suggestion, and together, they perform a ritual in their bedroom that involves quite a bit of chanting, blood, and sex. Elsewhere, Zoe gets Kyle out of the morgue and into a stolen car, and when he starts freaking out while she's driving, she tries to calm him. And who so happens to be in the backseat but Misty Day! 

Misty then assists Zoe with Kyle in her home, telling her that Zoe's magic had called to her and it was she who helped bring Kyle back to life. She says she will stay with Kyle if Zoe has to go, but seems unsure that Zoe will come back. Now that she's found another of her kind, she is probably reluctant to lose the connection. 

Hell is Real

Fiona finds Madame LaLaurie sitting outside her home, which is now adorned with a historic plaque. She reminisces about her daughters, and Fiona tells her she thinks LaLaurie deserved everything she got, which is pretty harsh coming from her. "Hell is real," LaLaurie tells her, and she's lived it. The episode ends just as the premiere did, with arguably the two most evil characters on the show walking off down the street together once more.

Be sure to catch the next episode of American Horror Story: Coven, airing Wednesdays at 10:00 PM on FX.

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