'American Horror Story: Coven' Still Has to Solve the Biggest Mystery: Who is the Next Supreme?
'American Horror Story: Coven' Still Has to Solve the Biggest Mystery: Who is the Next Supreme?
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
If you've been keeping up with FX's delightfully batty American Horror Story: Coven, you know the end of this witchy installment is drawing to a close. But before they ride their broomsticks off into the sunset, Coven still has one very big mystery left to solve. All season long, the girls of Miss Robichaux Academy have been duking it out to discover who will be the next Supreme.

Why do these girls want to lead such a messed up, homicidal coven in the first place? That's still unclear, but what is clear is the fact the girls will need to each complete the "seven wonders" before being crowned head witch. Each witch in the coven has displayed at least a few of these talents already, but completing all seven remains anyone's game. 

So obviously this pre-finale phase is the best time for wild speculation. I wouldn't be caught dead placing odds on the likelihood of anything happening on a Ryan Murphy show, especially not American Horror Story. Instead, I'm gauging each lady's chance of Supreme-dom with the ultimate source of witchy wisdom: Stevie Nicks songs! 


Why? Zoe started the season as the protagonist and our entry point character into the wild and wacky world of Miss Robichaux's Academy. She's proven herself to be a powerful witch in her own right, and unlike most of the other contenders, has a strong moral backbone. She's dropped out of the narrative in the last few episodes, but maybe that was only to make it more surprising when she wins the crown.

Odds: I give this one a "Landslide"


Why? The first real contender for the Supreme throne, Madison was initially such a threat to Fiona that the evil witch killed the one-time starlet. Of course, Madison is also 100 percent annoying, so I doubt many people are rooting for her. 

Odds: I give this one a "Rooms on Fire"


Why? A utility player until now, Queenie really came into her own in the penultimate episode. She completed several of the seven wonders in the last episode alone, making her a force to be reckoned with. Considering the season's racial overtones, it wouldn't be surprising to see the conven welcome its first black Supreme.

Odds: I give this one a "Destiny Rules"


Why? Well...it's not like anyone ever really dies on this show. Still, the idea of Nan coming back from the dead to claim her throne as rightful Supreme does seem pretty far-fetched. Still, we are talking about Ryan Murphy. 

Odds: I give this one an "Edge of Seventeen"


Why? Cordelia is the only one who actually seems to care about the coven. So much, in fact, that she ripped her own eyes out. Now that's caring to the Supreme. Still, besides the second sight she hasn't really shown many extra talents.

Odds: I give this one a "Tusk"


Why? Is there another witch on the show more lovable than swamp lady Misty Day? She's brought a real sense of levity to the show, and a whole lot of Stevie Nicks music. Misty might be innocent, but she's no pushover. Her powers are incredibly strong and she's certainly the person you want to bet on in a brawl. With Stevie's scarf for good luck, how can she lose?

Odds: I give this one a "Gypsy"


Why? Again, it's not like anyone ever really dies on this show. Jessica Lange is undoubtedly the linchpin of the whole American Horror Story franchise, so it would be almost more surprising if her character was actually killed offscreen in a flashback and then fed to some gators. Until we see Fiona's body in a million pieces (and probably not even then, right Kathy Bates?) I won't believe this narcissistic Supreme is out of the running.

Odds: I give this one a "Fall From Grace"

What do you think? Which witch will take the Supreme title? Sound off in the comments with your answer!

American Horror Story: Coven airs at Wednesday 10PM on FX.

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