'American Horror Story: Coven' Spoilers: A New Supreme, Cordelia's Changes, Death, Resurrection and More
'American Horror Story: Coven' Spoilers: A New Supreme, Cordelia's Changes, Death, Resurrection and More
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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American Horror Story: Coven premiered last week and brought a new story full of witches, torture and, of course, horror. BuddyTV was part of a handful of journalists who got to see the premiere early, as well as take part in Q&A with the show's creator, Ryan Murphy. 

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for American Horror Story: Coven

If you thought the premiere was frightening, you haven't seen anything yet. Murphy promised a lot of terrifying moments this season, some from monsters and some from humans. Much like in seasons past, many of the characters (and monsters) will be based on real-life people, as well as some mythological creatures. 

Look for "Frankenstein" in Episode 2

In this week's episode, fans will meet the show's very own version of Frankenstein. 

"I am obsessed with anything Mary Shelley, so that's another thing we deal with: Frankenstein," Murphy revealed. "So, in Episode 2, the big girls' story is that Emma Roberts and Taissa go to the morgue, because Taissa is in love with the Evan character. They find out that he and the other boys have been badly mangled and decapitated. So Taissa decides to build the perfect boyfriend. She takes Evan's head and other parts that she desires and creates this thing. They use a spell and that is his arc. He is brought back to life... or not."

A New Supreme Will be Crowned... Soon

Murphy said that the "great mystery" of this season will be: Who is the next Supreme? Who will take over Jessica Lange's throne? Murphy advised that fans will have to be patient a bit longer to find out. 

"You don't find that out until Episode 12," Murphy said. 

Someone Will Die in Episode 3

How bad will the battle get? Watch tonight's episode and you'll find out. 

"[Fiona] kills one of the girls in Episode 3. She is not giving it up."

Expect Big Changes from Cordelia in Episode 5

The mother-daughter relationship between Fiona and Cordelia is very dark, but was inspired by a show that was actually very light. "I was always fascinated with the dynamic of the show Bewitched. I always wondered what would happen if Samantha listened to Endora and went bat-sh** dark, and crazy. So [Cordelia] does start very prim and proper and then there is something that happens to her character about Episode 5 that makes her think, 'My mother may be right.' Where Sarah [Paulson] starts and where she ends up is the complete opposite of where she is in that first episode.

More Witches Are Coming to the School

The witches in the school have a variety of powers, all of them scarier than the last. Murphy said that a lot of thought went into choosing what powers to give them. 

"We thought a lot about it. We researched a lot about the Salem witches and some of these powers the girls back then were described to have had. I love the ability to read minds. We have a lot of Salem flashbacks, too, so these girls, who are students, can learn about their ancestors."

Will the witches introduced in the premiere be the only ones at the school this season? Don't count on it. 

"More witches are coming into the house with different powers," Murphy promised. 

There Will be Two Arch Villains This Season

Asked if there would be one or multiple "big bad" characters this season, Murphy said: "There are two big arch villains for the season: The Minotaur and the Axeman. Those are the two mythological creatures of the season."

What do you think now that you've seen the spoilers for American Horror Story: Coven? Who do you think will die in tonight's episode and who do you think will become the next Supreme?

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