'American Horror Story: Coven' Season Finale Recap: And the Supreme Is...
'American Horror Story: Coven' Season Finale Recap: And the Supreme Is...
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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The long-awaited reveal of the Supreme was the focus of tonight's finale episode of American Horror Story: Coven.

The episode opens on Stevie Nicks, and I'm a little worried Ryan Murphy got confused and thought he was writing an episode of Glee, because it's literally just her singing while we get glimpses of the girls preparing for the Seven Wonders ceremony. Fittingly, she's singing a song about "the seven wonders," although I'm going to assume she means the Seven Wonders of the World, not the ones being performed on tonight's episode of American Horror Story: Coven.

The Seven Wonders

Myrtle prepares a "last supper" for the participants (they're even sitting at a long table like in the famous painting), and Cordelia quotes the Bible when talking to the girls about leaving behind childish things before the ceremony. It's...an odd choice. 

The test begins, and Queenie, Madison, Zoe, and Misty are all up for the title of Supreme while Myrtle, Cordelia, and Kyle look on. They begin with telekinesis, and although Misty is unsure that she can perform the task, she is up first, and does so with a bit of focus. Queenie, Madison, and Zoe are also all able to wield that particular power.

Next is mind control. Misty is successfully able to control Queenie, who is then able to perform the task by using the power on her in return. Then Madison and Zoe are up; Madison forces Kyle to drop the drinks he's holding, and while making Zoe slap herself, she forces Kyle to kiss her. Which is uncomfortable, to say the least.

When she tells him to lick her boot, however, that's apparently enough for Zoe, who snaps out of it long enough to make Kyle stop and kiss her. Enough with the forced kissing, people! It's not okay! Ugh. Anyway, Madison then forces Kyle to choke Zoe, but Cordelia uses her own power then to throw Kyle to the side of the room and shuts the whole thing down. 

Into Hell

The next Wonder to control involves each girl descending into their own "Hell" and then escaping on their own. Their souls must return to their bodies by sunup, or they lose. A lot more than the title of Supreme, if you catch my drift.

The girls all chant, then pass out or die or something, and we get to see what Hell is for each of them. Queenie gets out first, as she was back in Chubbie's and she's pretty sick of that place already. Madison is next, and Hell for her was a network musical, a performance of "The Sound of Music" where - horror of horrors - she wasn't even the lead! For Zoe, Hell was Kyle saying he didn't love her over and over. A bit predictable, but I guess it works.

Finally, Misty is the last one still out of commission, and her Hell is a class where the students are dissecting frogs. She brings one back to life and a fellow student tells the teacher, who believes she snuck a live one in in the first place. He forces her to dissect a frog while it's still alive, and the scene loops over and over, because she is unable to break out of it.

In a horrifying twist, Misty never gets out of her Hell. Cordelia says she's stuck, but Myrtle says she has to get back on her own, and despite Cordelia trying to coax Misty out with her voice, she doesn't wake up. When the time is up, Misty dissolves into dust while Cordelia cries over her. I'm pretty displeased with this being the end for our favorite hippie witch. 

A Deadly Game

The remaining participants are tested next in Transmutation, which is a form of teleportation, it seems. They turn it into a game, despite Cordelia and Myrtle's protests, and start playing tag around the Academy grounds. 

The game quickly turns deadly, however, when Zoe somehow manages to end up impaled on a spike on the entrance gate. Queenie tries to bring her back after they bring her inside, to no avail. So Cordelia has her take Kyle into the house, and asks Madison to perform the Wonder needed to bring Zoe back. 

But Madison seems to think she's already won, and refuses to bring back the other witch. Myrtle tells her if she refuses, she doesn't deserve to be the next Supreme, and Madison basically says they need to crown her right then and there or she won't do it. They are at a standstill, and Zoe is still dead. Sucks to be her.

Cordelia's Test

After the incident with Zoe, Cordelia tells Myrtle she feels like she's failed, and that maybe if Madison is the best they can do, their coven deserves to die out. Kyle, meanwhile, mourns over Zoe, asking why she left him, since she promised she never would. Poor zombie boyfriend. He never asked for any of this!

Myrtle reassures Cordelia when she says her mother was right all along, saying she was never right about her own daughter. She claims Fiona essentially suppressed Cordelia's power, then comes to the conclusion that perhaps Cordelia is in fact their next Supreme. So, it's decided that she must perform the Seven Wonders to prove it.

Cordelia flies through the tests on telekinesis and mind control, without being able to see what she's doing, even, then moves onto what I like to call the Hell test. Apparently, Hell for her was trying to win Fiona's approval. She's able to escape, then quickly performs the Transmutation Wonder. 

Eliminating Madison

Next is Divination, and Cordelia, Queenie, and Madison all have to complete the test. The task is to divine, using pebbles, the location of lost items belonging to former Supremes. 

Cordelia easily completes the test, but when it's Madison's turn, she can't do it. She says she'll bring Zoe back instead, but Myrtle insists they have to go by the book, and if she can't complete this task, Madison is not the next Supreme.

Madison makes up an answer, and is quickly proven wrong not once, but twice, before claiming the game is rigged anyway. Enraged, she storms out, swearing to reveal the secrets of the school back in Hollywood. 

But she doesn't make it that far! When Madison goes to pack her things, Kyle attacks her for letting Zoe die, asking why she did it, since they both know what lies beyond the mortal world. She claims she loves him, to which he replies, "You're not that good an actress," and chokes her to death. 

Meanwhile, Cordelia successfully revives Zoe just as Madison dies. I thought maybe there'd be more of a significance to that, but there doesn't seem to be. So Madison's fate is in the hands of Spalding yet again, because he shows up just after Kyle kills her, petting her hair and saying that no one will look for a body when they bury her since she was packing anyway. Creep.

The New Supreme in Town

Cordelia is somehow healed in the greenhouse not long after reviving Zoe, and Myrtle declares her the new Supreme. So what's the first thing she does in her new official capacity as leader of their coven?

Apparently, she tells the media all about them. She's interviewed at the Academy and tells the interviewer everything about witches, and how it's not a choice to be one, the girls are just born that way. She declares that they are strong women, and shouldn't hide. 

I'm not really sure why the media decided a woman in New Orleans claiming to know the truth about witchcraft would attract true media attention, so it's all a bit odd to me. Maybe she used her mind control? Anyway, she invites other girls who think they might be witches to call them, and the applications start pouring in. Looks like it's time for a new era for the Robichaux Academy coven.

Myrtle's Last Word

Myrtle comes to Cordelia and basically tells her that sometimes leaders have to make tough choices, before declaring that she needs to be burned at the stake again for killing her colleague witches. It was a few episodes back now, and I'm not entirely sure how long ago it was in American Horror Story time, but she brings it up and is steadfast that she has earned this final punishment. 

Even though Cordelia sees Myrtle as her "true mother," Myrtle insists that they can't be hypocrites and she must burn. So Cordelia, Queenie, Zoe, and some more random men in black bring her to a stake in the middle of nowhere, yet again, and Myrtle is sentenced to death for harming another witch(es), yet again. 

She tells Cordelia she's never been more proud of her, and cries out "Balenciaga!" as her final word before Cordelia lights the flame with her powers and Myrtle burns to death. Yet again.

The Truth About Fiona

Back at the Academy, the line of girls waiting to come in goes around the block, and Cordelia goes to Queenie and Zoe and asks them to be a part of her Council. They agree, but then Cordelia mentions that she has one more thing she needs to deal with before they let the girls in.

As usual, that one thing is her mother. It's then revealed that the Axeman did not murder her, as we were previously shown, although she planted a memory in his mind to make him think he killed her. She told him she was going to Paris just long enough for the new Supreme to be chosen, so she could come back and take the newbie out after everyone thought she was dead.

Fiona reassured him that it would all be clear later, and he decides to go with her plan. So she covered her murderous lover in blood, walked out, and when he woke up, he believed he had killed her. In the present, Fiona explains to her daughter that it was goat's blood, and that she knew they'd get rid of the Axeman for her. Pretty convenient, eh?

But Cordelia knows her mother didn't come to kill her, as she would have if one of the others had been the Supreme. Instead, Fiona wants to be put out of her misery. Cordelia asks her if her mother always knew she'd be the next Supreme and if that's why she hated her, and Fiona explains that the minute she became a mother, she was faced with her mortality. But, she also claims, she loved her plenty all along, just in her own way. 

This whole conversation, Fiona is very sickly looking, and she reveals that when Cordelia's power came to her, it left her own body, and she is dying. She tries to convince Cordelia to kill her, to have mercy, but Cordelia will not. Fiona, she feels, is afraid for the first time in her life, and she needs to embrace that, and then let it go. As they hug, Fiona finally dies in her daughter's arms.

Catfish and Cat Piss

And where does she go? To her own Hell, of course, and let's be real, that's kind of where she deserves to go at this point. She wakes in a bed in a farmhouse, if the rooster crowing is any indication, and the Axeman is there. With catfish. 

He tells her that "every morning" she wakes up and acts like she doesn't know where she is, so she freaks out and asks how long they've been there. "You can't put a clock on eternity," he quips, and she slaps him, only for him to slap her right back. 

Fiona at first thinks Cordelia sent her there, but he informs her that nobody sent her there but herself, and that they had a deal. The place smells like fish and cat piss, and she is obviously not a fan. The Axeman tries to get her to relax while she repeatedly says she wants her daughter, and that's last glimpse we get of the great Fiona, as the laughter of Papa Legba echoes in the background. 

The Future of Robichaux 

Cordelia, Queenie and Zoe open the doors to Robichaux Academy to the new girls, who are led into the building by Kyle. Cordelia tells the new girls about their coven, and vows that it's now time for it to do more than survive: it's their time to thrive. 

This finale episode of American Horror Story: Coven ends on one of the girls asking what a Supreme is, and being informed that she's looking at her, the camera closing in on Cordelia's smiling face.

And that's it! At least until the next installment of American Horror Story. Keep checking out BuddyTV.com for the latest news on the next season, presumably airing in the fall. See you then! 

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