'American Horror Story: Coven' Recap: The Council Goes to Robichaux
'American Horror Story: Coven' Recap: The Council Goes to Robichaux
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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This week's dose of secrets, lies, scandals and revenge on American Horror Story: Coven is brought to you by a bunch of witches who have weaved quite the web of deception and destruction.


The episode opens on a young boy riding his bike down the street. He is followed by a car that I was afraid was about to run him over, but when he veers off into an alley, the people following him in the car get out and go after him on foot. 

It turns out it's 1961, and integration of public schools has come to New Orleans. The little boy happens to be African American, as well as one of the integrated students, and some people aren't happy about it. 

When the little boy is lynched by his pursuers, Marie performs a ritual to raise people from the dead to attack those who committed the crime. And thus begins a major theme of the episode: vengeance.

As another example, when Fiona finds Queenie after her violent encounter with the minotaur, she exacts her own vengeance on Marie by having his head cut off and sent to her salon. Marie is, of course, furious, and she is determined to get Fiona back for the act.

LaLaurie's Redemption?

When she tells LaLaurie to hide, Queenie might have saved her (second) life, and Delphine LaLaurie doesn't know how to thank her. It does seem like she'll have second thoughts about how she'll treat Queenie in the future, but I guess we'll see.

I'm not 100% sure I want to see LaLaurie at all redeemed, personally. She was a real person who did some atrocious things, so I'm not sure how I feel about her fictional self feeling remorse and changing her ways. But I'll reserve judgement for now.

War, What Is It Good For?

After she is sent the minotaur's head, Marie begins a ritual in revenge, and she is warned against starting a war with Fiona and her kind. We learn that at one point, both sides actually made their peace with one another, which I hope we hear more about in the future. 

But in the present, all that is over. Marie insists that it was Fiona who started this, and nothing will dissuade Marie from fighting back. And what exactly is her plan of attack, you might ask?


Well, I guess that's one term for them anyway. Marie again brings people back from the dead and sics them on her chosen target. This time, the target is Madame LaLaurie. And the first attackers to arrive at the Academy aren't just any random dead folks: they're LaLaurie's own daughters. I might have screamed when I realized this, and that, surprisingly, was a first for me watching American Horror Story: Coven

The Council

Arguably the biggest storyline in this week's episode involves a visit from members of the Council, there to investigate Madison's disappearance. Nan called them because she can no longer "hear" the other girl and she is convinced Madison is dead.

In the course of their visit, several big things are revealed to and thanks to the Council. For one, anyone proven to intentionally harm a Salem descendant, which Madison must be, is subject to death by fire. Interesting. And possibly foreshadowing?

The Council talks to several members of the household. Nan knew of and briefly explains some of Madison's new powers, and the Council believes this confirms their suspicions that she was going to become the new Supreme. 

One member of the Council, Myrtle, brings up the fact that this is the second time that a witch has gone missing while Fiona has been a resident of the Academy. The first was Anna Lee, the Supreme before Fiona whom she killed. There is no proof that she was the culprit, but Myrtle, who was another student at the Academy at the time, had her suspicions.

Spalding's Silence

To try to prove Fiona's guilt, young Myrtle casts a truth spell on Spalding's tongue. But he overhears her explaining this to another girl, and instead of allowing this to happen, Spalding cuts out his own tongue so that he literally can't tell anyone what he saw the night Anna Lee died. 

With his final spoken words, he tells Fiona he has always loved her. I'm not sure if he means in a romantic sense, but in any case, he cuts out his tongue for her, which is pretty intense on his part. I guessed Spalding not being able to talk would end up being important, I just wasn't sure before whether he couldn't or wouldn't speak, and now we know.

Who is the Supreme?

Myrtle is furious when she asks Spalding to write down who cut out his tongue, and he writes her name instead of Fiona's. She has no proof that Fiona has gotten away with anything and looks to the rest of the Council like she just has a personal vendetta against Fiona. 

When she claims that Fiona got rid of both the Supreme before her and the one meant to follow after, Cordelia tells her she's wrong. Not just because she's defending her mother, but because it wasn't possible for Madison to have been the next Supreme. She had a heart murmur, Cordelia explains, and since the Supreme starts at peak health, it couldn't have been the young actress.

So who is the next Supreme? Cordelia tells her mother she is too obsessed with this mystery when Fiona asks while the two are out drinking after the Council's visit. To be honest, I'm not sure, either. 

Zoe's Zombie Love

I kind of hope it isn't Zoe, who has very little to do this episode and who is getting really boring this season. After Kyle killed his mother in the last episode, she finds him in the bathroom, bashing his head on something and covered in blood. 

She goes to make him something to eat and eyes rat poison on a high shelf. When she goes to bring the food to him (laced with the poison, perhaps?), he is nowhere to be found. Good thing it's Halloween, since he'll blend right in with all the spooky costumes outside! Well, not good for her, I guess, since she'll have to find him. 

Hank's Secret

The other seemingly random storyline this episode involves Cordelia's husband, Hank. When she believes he is off on a business trip, he cheats on his wife with another woman. 

Throughout their infidelity-infused interaction, I'm increasingly creeped out by Mr. Foxx. And I guess I'm meant to be because he eventually shoots his mistress in the head. Such a charmer, that Hank.

Skeevy Spalding

Turns out Spalding has a secret too. Near the end of the episode, we find out just what happened to Madison's body after he carried it away: he kept it, amongst a creepy collection of dolls that he appears to have tea parties with. It looks like Ms. Madison is his newest doll. I guess I'm not sure what I expected to happen to her body, but it certainly isn't that.

The War Continues?

When Cordelia is in the bathroom during her and her mother's night out drinking, she steps out of a stall and we see that she is not alone in the room. When she is at the mirror, someone in a black robe comes out from another stall and splashes a liquid in her eyes. It appears to burn them, and Cordelia screams in pain.

Is Cordelia's assailant someone from Marie's side of this witchy war? Or someone else entirely? Will she be blinded by this attack, or just severely injured? So many questions, and I can't wait for American Horror Story: Coven to give us the answers!

American Horror Story: Coven airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX.

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