'American Horror Story: Coven': Is Bestiality and Incest Too Much for One Episode?
'American Horror Story: Coven': Is Bestiality and Incest Too Much for One Episode?
Gina Vaynshteyn
Gina Vaynshteyn
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
American Horror Story is getting stranger and stranger. Things are heating up (literally) within the coven, and different worlds are colliding. Ryan Murphy certainly isn't afraid to push buttons; he's already created a witch with a killer vagina and brought a sociopathic racist back from the dead. What else can really happen?

A lot. Known for his insane plot twists, there is never a predictable moment in AHS. In last week's "The Replacements," we discover that it really is unsafe to presume normality. Queenie is a misunderstood woman who just needs to be loved, which would be fine if she didn't seek love in all the very wrong places. When she finds out a furious Minotaur is after Madame LaLaurie, she attempts to seduce him, asking, "Don't you want to love me?" before he covers her mouth with his hooves. 

Similarly, the blonde and once friendly Kyle apparently lead a secret life that we weren't privy to until now. After Zoe offers him to his depressed mother, we find out she's been sexually abusing him all this time. Well, up until he died, that is.

Did Ryan Murphy Pack in Way Too Many Taboo Topics in This Episode?

Tackling other key moments in the plot, such as Madison's undoing, Cordelia's fertility problems, and the pious neighbors next door, including bestiality and incest all in one go is maybe a little bit excessive. However, both serve their purpose in their own twisted American Horror Story way: with Queenie, one can assume she chose Bastian because of her low self-esteem, and Kyle's relationship with his mother is Ryan Murphy's ultimate commentary on role-reversal. I mean, who saw that coming? With males, we typically assume they can't be affected by molestation and sexual abuse, and especially not by their mothers. But it's true; both men and women can be subjected to this kind of abuse. 

Will Queenie Develop a Relationship with a Minotaur? 

She can't, right? Bastian is Marie Laveau's lover brought back from the dead. I know I already discussed AHS's rape culture commentary a few weeks ago, but could this be another issue the writers are presenting? As I recall, Bastian, a servant, was falsely accused of raping one of Madame LaLaurie's daughters and for this, he was castrated and beheaded. Ultimately, this man was punished for possibly flirting with a white woman, although the audience knows that it was Madame LaLaurie's daughter who tried to seduce him. 

When Queenie offers her body to Bastian, she does so out of fear and desperation. And maybe because she wants to lose her virginity to a creature who she believes was also unfairly unloved. It's somewhat consensual, but I think this "exchange" lives in a gray area American Horror Story loves to mess around with. Queenie probably doesn't want to be "taken" by an enchanted Minotaur, but she feels as though it's her duty. Or maybe that their encounter is some kind of dark serendipity. 

Regardless, the writers of AHS are not taking sexual relationships lightly in this season. Every relationship or sex scene we have watched has been extremely twisted. Roles are constantly being reversed and the dynamic between bodies has been questioned. Certainly with Queenie and Bastian and Kyle and his creepy mom.

I can't wait for this week's American Horror Story: Coven. I hope we find out more about Cordelia and her husband. We all know that a relationship with a witch is probably going to be a turbulent one. Let's hope Kyle is put out of his misery soon and that Queenie isn't trampled to death.  Tune in this Wednesday at 10pm.
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