'American Horror Story: Coven': Does it Matter Who the Next Supreme Is?
'American Horror Story: Coven': Does it Matter Who the Next Supreme Is?
Gina Vaynshteyn
Gina Vaynshteyn
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Ever since Fiona slit Madison's throat in order to rule her out as the next Supreme, things have gotten a little bit tense around the house. 

The Coven decided Fiona needed to pay for her evils, Queenie decides that even though she may be Supreme, the Coven will never treat her as an equal, Misty comes around, abandons her swamp post, and is unofficially declared Supreme, Madison buries her alive, Nan gets all huffy because she feels as though she may be Supreme, and even though Zoe went on a little vacation to Florida with Frankenkyle, she came back for the possibility of the throne. 

Up until Wednesday's episode, "Go to Hell," every single character had been battling with something or someone. The girls' problems ranged from a religious zealot/murderer as a neighbor to a failed menage a trois, but the bigger problems took more energy and power to solve. Fiona and Marie ganged up on the witch hunters and performed a slick massacre, and Cordelia stabbed both of her eyes out in order to predict the future for the sake of the Coven. Since she foresaw the deaths of all the witches,including herself, at the hand of her mother, she realized Fiona had to go once and for all. And go she did. 

However, even with Fiona dead, Madame Delphine and Marie suffering eternal Hell (Marie's Hell ain't so bad, comparatively), and the ax killer jazz man stabbed back to death, there's still the question of supremacy. Of all the talented young witches who have displayed all kinds of powers, who is destined to be the next Supreme? 

While I'm definitely curious (who isn't?), it's interesting that the show is meeting its end with this final decision. We've all been wondering who it can possibly be, and my guess this entire time is Zoe, since she's been the most humble about her powers. But who knows? It doesn't really even matter; the essence of this season isn't just about power. American Horror Story: Coven is about oppression, female strength, betrayal, and marginalization. The audience was more invested in these ruthless women who may or may not deserve repentance. 

Delphine's storyline ended perfectly. She came extremely close to earning redemption, but sociopathic racists don't deserve happy endings. When Queenie killed her, it was a powerful moment. Throughout the season, Queenie gave Madame LaLaurie a chance to reinvent herself, but when she failed to do so, it was Queenie's job to make sure she did pay for her evil doings. 

Cordelia finally realized that she was stronger than her mother believed her to be, and it was because of her sight that the Coven was able to finally conquer Fiona Goode. 

Even though Marie's deal with Papa Legba made it so that she was immortal, some characters learned that in the end, everyone has gotta pay for their sins. When you kill babies (speaking of which, I hope that baby Marie stole isn't left in the hands of that creepy butler) in order to sustain your own life, you'll eventually end up in a torture chamber holding a hot poker (or something like that). 

Finding out who the next Supreme seems trivial in the grand scheme of things. Maybe there's such a thing as a Socialist Coven. 

Either way, we all know the final episode of American Horror Story:Coven will be no ordinary one. Watch it next Wednesday at 10pm on FX!

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