'American Horror Story: Asylum' Preview: 'Tricks and Treats'
'American Horror Story: Asylum' Preview: 'Tricks and Treats'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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American Horror Story: Asylum started out with an alien abduction and in "Tricks or Treats," it continues with the theme of the unbelievable with an exorcism. Is the young boy psychotic? Or, is he really possessed? You'll have to watch to get that answer, but expect a crazy ride.

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The short trailer below provides only the slightest of insight into the episode. Dr. Thredson is appalled by the conditions at the facility, but there's not much he can do in the moment. While he disapproves of the exorcism, he is drawn into helping with it. You may want to install a seat belt into your couch, so you don't jump too far.

An underlying theme of this season, just like last season, is sex. In 1964, sex was viewed much differently than it is today, which provides a unique platform for it to be explored. Shelley has been committed to the asylum for being a slut and nothing more. 

Dr. Arden has odd sexual predilections himself that are explored this week. He is one creepy character that gets even more so after tonight's reveals. I sure wouldn't want to be in a room alone with him anywhere.

Poor Lana! She is a strong-willed person and reporter. She wanted the story, but she ended up deeper than she ever imagined. Sister Jude will do whatever is necessary to keep Lana from reporting on the facility and use Lana's sexual preference as the excuse.

Bloody Face reappears in the present day to scare the newlyweds. Has the creature survived all these years? Is Bloody Face, in the present, the murderer of the girls in the past? It would be scientifically possible, though freaky. Very freaky.

Here's a trailer for tonight's "Tricks or Treats."

(Image and video courtesy of FX.)

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