'American Horror Story: Asylum' 'I Am Anne Frank, Part II' Spoilers: Bloody Face is Revealed!
'American Horror Story: Asylum' 'I Am Anne Frank, Part II' Spoilers: Bloody Face is Revealed!
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
American Horror Story: Asylum has delved into aliens, possession, Dr. Arden's creatures, Nazis, a serial killer, and many behaviors viewed as socially abhorrent back in the 1960s. In tonight's "I Am Anne Frank, Part II," several outstanding questions will be answered, including the big one, who is Bloody Face?

After shooting Dr. Arden, Anne Frank is locked up. Sister Jude believes her story about Dr. Arden's past, so she goes to a Nazi expert to try and get verification of his true identity. Her plan doesn't go as expected when Sister Mary Eunice interferes. Could Sister Jude be forced out of Briarcliff?

This episode is full of true identities being verified or uncovered, including Anne Frank, Dr. Arden, and Bloody Face. The reveal of Bloody Face is unexpected and quite a shock. It's done so well, that I won't spoil it for you.

Kit meets with Dr. Thredson for the last time. The doctor promises that if Kit confesses he will recommend a permanent stay at Briarcliff, rather than death. With this final meeting, Dr. Thredson's work is done at the facility and he makes plans to leave and take Lana with him.

A few other highlights from "I Am Anne Frank, Part II."

  • Shelley is moved from Briarcliff and is becoming more and more a monster every day.
  • Sister Jude acts unholy.
  • The plan to sterilize both Kit and Grace takes a turn courtesy of Sister Mary Eunice.
  • Dr. Arden performs a lobotomy to cure a patient.
  • Lana's girlfriend, Wendy, reappears.
  • A teacher and her students get the biggest scare of their life.
This episode has many twist and turns that you won't want to miss it. The final reveal of Bloody Face is haunting to see and will alter the show going forward. 

Who do you think is Bloody Face?

American Horror Story: Asylum "I Am Anne Frank, Part II" airs tonight, Wednesday, November 14 at 10 pm ET on FX. 

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