American Gladiators: Two-Hour Finale Airs Tonight
American Gladiators: Two-Hour Finale Airs Tonight
Tonight, all mayhem finally comes to an end as American Gladiators airs its two-hour finale tonight from 8pm.  Two competitors—one among the men, and one among the women—will come out as winners, and win $100,000.  Tonight's finale will feature the third semi-final round, which will determine who among the remaining semi-finalists will swing into the finals.

Will Ally Davidson, who clocked a 2:07 in the Eliminator, be able to hold on to her position in second place, or will either Abbe Dorn or Annie Castellano best it and get the chance to face Tiffaney Florentine in the women's final?  Are Randee Haynes or Mike Gamble strong enough to be able to face Tim Oliphant in the men's final, or will Brick Reilly—a last-minute substitute for Alexander Coats, who left when his finger was dislocated again—be able to stand his ground?  All these will be answered tonight.

The first two finalists, Tiffaney and Tim, talked to their respective local newspapers about the upcoming battle, and their experiences during the competition, which pits amateur athletes against the show's resident gladiators.  In an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Tiffaney revealed the secret to her success in the show.  “My background helps a great deal,” she said.  “They send you on a two-week boot camp as part of the audition process, and that didn't faze me at all.  But the mindset is what's really important.  You have to focus on the moment and the challenge in front of you and try to have fun.”

“Being athletic has a great deal to do with getting picked, of course, but personality is about 50 percent of it,” she added.

Tim, who hails from Houston, is also excited.  Despite his small body size—he's 5-foot-8 and weighs 147 pounds—he managed to best his competitors and reach the finals by setting this season's record time on the Eliminator of 1 minute, 17 seconds.  “I'm one of the littlest contenders to make it as far as I have,” he told The Houston Chronicle.  “A lot of those guys have 100 pounds on me.  My whole body doesn't have as much muscle as [Titan's] legs do.”

But he said it's all in the technique, especially in the Eliminator.  “I think the secret is technique over speed and endurance,” he said.  “It's all about focusing on doing each section of the Eliminator correctly.  For some reason that has worked out for me.”  Obviously it has; he's already reached success in the show.  And, he revealed, he got to keep the red suit he wore during the competition.

The two-hour finale of American Gladitors airs tonight from 8pm on NBC.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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