[Video] 'Almost Human' Sneak Peek: A Deadly Bot Escapes!
[Video] 'Almost Human' Sneak Peek: A Deadly Bot Escapes!
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
A deadly killing bot is captured and put into evidence on "Unbound." That would seem routine, but it ends up being a ruse to a rescue an even deadlier bot, the XRN, from the evidence locker. Will Dorian be able to help capture the XRN?

A bot killed a woman and then escaped from the police evidence room with a different head! Check out a clip.

Captain Maldonado and Kennex were freaked out by this situation. Someone, most likely the Syndicate, wanted the XRN out of the evidence room and under their control. Why? And, what's the wall? Whatever is going on, it's dangerous!

What is the XRN? Why wasn't Dorian able to access any information but it? And why were Maldonado and Kennex distressed over her escape? Find out in this clip. Kennex explains why the XRN head was in evidence.

The XRN is a killer and a cop killer. A 36-hour deadly stand-off to get her the first time. What will it take to stop her this time?

Dorian meets his creator in the touching clip below.

It was like watching a father being reunited with his missing son after years of believing his child was dead. So much emotion for this human-android reunion. Dorian was touched as well, especially when Dr. Vaughn held his face. He met his creator and father.

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