[Video] 'Almost Human' Sneak Peek: A Killer Smart House
[Video] 'Almost Human' Sneak Peek: A Killer Smart House
Carla Day
Carla Day
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In the future, a smart house is much more than a computer system on Almost Human. In "Disrupt," it's a human hologram and responsible for killing its owner. Was the home system hacked? Kennex and Dorian set out to find the truth after they take over the case when Paul takes a personal day.

Routine Maintenance clip

Rudy puts Dorian on his table and takes a peek inside his mind. When Dorian "wakes up" during the procedure, he gets upset at the invasion. Rudy claims it was just a routine check-up. Kennex shows up to get get Dorian because they are taking Paul's shift. 

Kennex tells Rudy that Paul's having surgery after a new piercing got infected. What was pierced? Watch the clip to find out. It's hilarious and probably not true.

Attack of the Smart Homes clip

Kennex and Dorian show up at the crime scene to take over for Paul. This time Kennex explains that Paul's absence is due to hemorrhoids. Funny guy!

The house seemed to have malfunctioned. The killing took place a year after another one which Dorian says is nearly statistically impossible to be an accident. It's murder. They speculate that someone paid a hacker to get retribution. Dorian says, "Let's ask the house." 

Smart Home Interrogation clip

The "house" is visually represented by a hologram. Someone altered the system and erased their tracks and video surveillance. Who hacked the system and why?

Invasion of Privacy clip

Dorian gets upset with Kennex for lying about Paul's condition. Paul took a personal day and Dorian believes his privacy should be respected. Kennex discounts Dorian's concern and says he's really upset that Rudy probed him. 

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