'Almost Human' Review: Beginning of a Beautiful Ro-Bromance
'Almost Human' Review: Beginning of a Beautiful Ro-Bromance
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In the future if you want a little companionship, there's a sexbot for you. They will listen to you or ... do other stuff. Almost Human's premiere set up this futuristic world by introducing the characters in a very serious and dangerous environment howcasing the mysterious Syndicate.

In episode 2, "Skin," the series showed a lighter and funnier side which was much more entertaining. The relationship between Kennex and Dorian has developed into one that is less contentious, while still allowing them to challenge each other.

Maldonado knew what she was doing when she partnered Kennex with Dorian. It's almost as if Dorian asks Kennex questions to learn about human behavior specifically because it will help his partner become more self aware. 

Why do people say that their loved ones have moved on to a "better place" when they die? And, is being remembered the best way to honor the dead? Dorian's quick grasp of those concepts was telling about his abilities, but also the extent of his emotional side.

When Rudy was working on the de-skinned sexbot, Dorian was highly uncomfortable. And, probably even more than a cop would be attending a human autopsy. While not intentional, Rudy didn't take the same care with the sexbot as a medical examiner would with human remains.

Dorian is not human. And, there's no changing that. It was touching to see the care he took to attend the sexbot's "death" at the end. As the series progresses, I'm looking forward to seeing how Dorian evolves. He's continually learning and will likely become more emotional and human rather than less.

At the same time, these experiences helped Kennex as well. He went to see his former partner's son because of Dorian. He recognized the need to show the son that his father was remembered and to bond over those memories.

The sexbot case provided further insight into the Almost Human future. Over the first two episodes one thing that's become apparent is the importance of human DNA. You may want to keep that in mind when you throw your old gum away or dispose of toothbrushes. 

So far, we've seen programmable DNA, DNA used for sexbot skin, DNA bombs, and DNA-targeted weapons. Criminals of the future seem to be obsessed with DNA. Though, I'm sure that law enforcement is using DNA in various manners as well.

If robot can be police partners, why not sexbots? By 2048, have robots become an integral part of the society? Or, are they limited to certain industries and for the rich? The emotional connection or lack thereof of robots will be important going forward.

By far the best part of "Skins" was the casual interaction between Kennex and Dorian. One of the funniest exchanges I've heard in a long time on a drama or comedy was when Dorian talked about scanning Kennex's testicles.

Dorian: "I ran a bio-scan and it looked like your testicles were at full capacity."
Kennex: "You're scanning my balls?"
Dorian: "I didn't enjoy it. I just -- I can't help but notice you're backed up."
Kennex: "What is the matter with you? ... Don't scan my testicles ever again."
Dorian: "Copy that."

HILARIOUS! The idea that Dorian would set up a dating profile for Kennex was funny enough, but that he would scan Kennex's stuff was comedic gold! I hope that the writers are able come up with funny and unique banter for each episode. 

With the futuristic tech, crimes, and good banter, Almost Human will continue to be a must watch show. Even though it's a crime drama, its setting and characters provide a distinct tone unlike anything else on television.

I was concerned that episodes that didn't delve into the ongoing mythologies of Kennex's ex-girlfriend and the Syndicate wouldn't hold my attention, but "Skin" included none of that and it was engrossing to watch.

Odds and Ends

  • The flash masks were pretty cool. Nice way to prevent identification from surveillance cameras. The license plate scrambler and absorption round also must be favorites of criminals. 
  • The giraffe was AWESOME! I want one. Seriously, how cool was that?!?
  • Kennex sticking the knife in his leg was poorly thought out, but he definitely recovered with Victor and then by visiting his former partner's son.
  • Kennex's dating profile: Dr. Richard -- "Likes quiche, long walks on the beach, smooth jazz."
  • Will there be a "thing" between Kennex and Stahl? He did describe her perfectly, though she wasn't the only brunette with brown eyes around!
  • Without Dorian as a partner, they may not have saved the kidnapped women's lives. He was able to find a way to communicate with the sexbot that she would understand. And, he recognized the way to track their DRN frequency. Will that come into play in the future with Dorian?
  • Kennex didn't seem to have any problems with his leg or drug usage in this episode. Will that come up again? I doubt it's entirely resolved.
Almost Human airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on FOX.

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